Thursday, June 4, 2009

My 2 Favorite Nephews

Ok, whenever I am with these little guys I just hog them as much as i can. I was the Moseley Hogger at his blessing, and was an Oliver Hog in Hawaii. I dont know why I have no pictures with either of them..I guess I just get caught up in the moment. These two little boys are the two most happy and chill babies I have ever met. You may not believe me, but these are two separate babies. I went through both my sis Jana and my sis in law Melindas' blogs to find ones with most similarities.



I just wanna pinch their little cheeks.
Here are the Christmas Cards I got from each sister...again, watch for similarities:

Moseley's in her belly :)

Last names edited for safety purposes :)
Love you guys! Yay for little dudes for muh boy to play with!


Michelle said...

wow! i would have never guessed they were 2 different boys! so sweet.

Mrs. Brecheisen said...

Yeah, I'm the mom and even I saw the pic and thought, "That's an odd picture of Oliver, where was that taken?" Does that make me a bad mom? Ha ha. I bet the similarities will disappear as they get older though.....