Friday, June 12, 2009

Comments People Make in Public

I decided I want to remember all the funny (or sometimes not so funny) things random people say. So I'll keep coming back to this post and add to it.

-"Somebody swallowed a watermelon seed!" (trucker a the Little America convenience store in WY)

-"You 'bout ready ta pop, aren'tcha?" (a referee at one of Josh's football games...only about 4 months pregnant)

-"When are you due, July?" (Lady from church with french accent that calls me Maura, but she's been calling me it so long without me knowing what she's saying, its way too late to correct her. I thought she was calling me amore, or some other term of endearment.)

-"Man, ya'll are EXPECTIN' ! You strugglin'?" (one of Josh's football teammates)

-"Wow I sure hope you dont have twins in there!!" (Jamie, a friend on Facebook)

-"Looks like you stole a basketball!" (Kerri, a friend on Facebook)

-"Can I get a dressing room started for you? Ok, I'll get you the handicapped room" *lowers voice to a whisper* "It's the biggest one." (girl at Buckle)

- "I wish I had a mom like you." ( little 5 year old girl who sat in the chair next to me while we were getting pedicures..she just melted my heart)

- "You still havent had that baby? Are you sure you aren't having TRIPLETS?"
(best friend's dad, 2 days before Kaius was born)


Jana said...

That watermellon seed one is actually pretty cute and funny.

Michelle said...

heck ... it beats "oh, you're 6 monhts pregnant? i just thought you got really fat."

it's a good thing that the pudge popped out a week later into a baby belly. :)

Jeana said...

yeah people are awesome when you are pregnant! the best part is all the unwanted physical contact from perfect strangers. i don't know what it is that makes people who don't know you think its OK to touch your belly.