Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pure Exhaustion

No, I'm not exhausted right now, but I will say the 1st trimester isn't my favorite part of being pregnant!
I have been waiting for my girl Felicia to upload this picture she took off of her iPhone. She finally figured out how to do it!
Ok so when I was about 8 weeks pregnant me and my girls from work (Felicia, Jessy & Alex) went to Target for lunch to get some goodies for our husbands for Valentines Day. After about 5 minutes of walking around my abs started to hurt so bad, it felt like the wind was knocked out of me. I think that was just my body making room for the baby to grow? my abs moving?
anyway I really couldnt walk anymore, so here was the solution.

I got a lot of funny looks, but thank goodness Target provides these or i think they would have had to carry me out!


Larson said...

haha! you grandma!!!! you got free popcorn though and that was awesome!

CJ and Madalyn said...

Oooo... I do not miss being pregnant. (even though I know how big of a blessing it is) I was so tired all the time so I feel ya girl!!!!!

Misty said...

Seriously, I am so proud of you for daring. I have thought about it, but never dared! :)

Jana said...

Ha ha ha! That is funny!

Mom said...

That's my girl! Showing some initiative and imagination on how to "get 'er done"! I din't raise no sissies! he hehe

Naomi said...

HEy Carly! I didn't know you had a blog...check out mine! Also I had to drive in the wheelchair everytime I went to the worries!