Saturday, June 13, 2009

Belly Update

Baby kicks are no longer like little flutters...pff....weak sauce days.
These kicks and jabs are ROUGH! Especially when I am hungry. Its like the baby is hungry too and is mad so he kicks, and for some reason it hurts more when i have an empty tummy. haha it makes me jump sometimes if im caught off guard!
Today Josh was talking to my tummy, and then it was like a pinball was bouncing around in my tummy, it looked really cool! Glad I got to share that with Josh. I havent really seen my belly do the wave thing everyone tells me about when he turns over. He's just my squirmy little pinball machine!


Jeana said...

haha thats so fun :) i kinda miss that! but yeah i don't know why that happens to me, especially as much as i get accused of giving dirty looks in general. maybe its that my belly gets so freaking huge! you look so cute pregnant i can't wait to see what your little man looks like!

Jana said...

Yeah, I remember Moseley getting squirmy when I was hungry too.
The belly wave thing doesn't happen to everyone, but usually it's towards the last month or so when there is basically no room left.

Mrs. Brecheisen said...

I wonder if it is your tummy is growling or making noises inside that wake him up and get him kicking. That's cute. Glad Josh was able to see a reaction to his voice. Very cool!

Julie said...

I can't wait until Todd can feel our little girl move! That must be an awesome feeling! By the way.. I love your picture!! Sooo cute!!