Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Move

We made our move yesterday back down south to live in my Grandma & Grandpa's guest house. Josh and I both agree it was the easiest move we've had yet (as a married couple...when you're single you just throw your stuff on your sheet, fold it all up and tie it on the end of a stick and head to the next apartment :)
The only reason we say its easy was because I quit my job and was able to pack everything up ahead of time, and we had tons of help with friends, family, and ward members.
However, as a result of standing all day, I have the hugest cankles ever. Normally I think I'd take a picture of something like this and post it but they are just too darn ugly.
Waking up at 5:30 am to the rooster cocka-doodle-dooing is definitely something i can get used to. ;)
I have an ultrasound tomorrow!! The baby is measuring big so they wanna check things out. Can't wait to see my boy.


Larson said...

oh I can't handle that you're that far away from me now!

jessybaird said...

Carly!! I miss you!! Hey ps :P)

Ashleigh said...

haha we have those 5:30 am roosters too. poor thing!