Monday, June 22, 2009

a Funny Story

Today was not the best day ever, but this sure made me laugh pretty hard. I was waiting to pick Josh up at work, and my dad was with me cuz next stop was taking him to the airport. For the second time :)
Anyway...We are waiting out front, and we see a blind man with a dog. The dog starts walking him to the street, and runs the blind guy right into the parking meter!! Thats not the funny part, I actually feel like crying about it right now it was so sad. He showed the dog the meter, and said "no no, lets try again" so he takes the dog back to the middle of the sidewalk, and the dog walks him back toward the street, avoiding the meter. His owner clapped and praised him loudly. Go dog!
The man proceeds to walk toward the street with his arms outstretched. His fingertips find the passenger window of my white car, and his hands follow to the back of the car.
Then, he opened up my back door and puts his briefcase inside, preparing to come aboard!
-"uuuh hi !" I say
no response
no response...he keeps preparing to board.
-"this is not a taxi..."
-"Excuse me!!!"
"huh?!" he says, and goes to the back of the car, feels it, and says "Oh sorry! wrong car!"
He pulls out his briefcase and shuts the door.
Then a champagne colored hatchback Subaru pulls up and the dog leads him over to it. He gets in the car and kisses his significant other hello.
Me and my dad are like peeing our pants laughing.
Thinking back on this, I feel really really bad. I feel like crying. How would life be if I had to rely on a dog to maneuver me around? It would take a while for me to let situations like that roll off my back. I would feel very embarassed. Josh doesnt think he was embarassed at all, he bets that stuff like that happens to him every day...and he is used to it! its apart of life!
I suppose he is right. I sure do have a smart husband.

I have problems with my eyes. I have a condition called "keratoconus". I have been told that there are two types, one where the cornea is thinning and one where it is thickening. My cornea's are thinning. Only 10% of people with this disorder end up needing surgery (corneal transplant) but out of the people who do have the surgery, it is 90% successful. But a risk could be ending up blind.
The only thing I see differently is that, at night, lights look somewhat like this:

And when driving behind cars on the freeway at night, there is just a little stream of red light coming off of each car's tail lights.
Well that turned into a long post! Just pray for me that I don't go blind, will ya??

**Update: No, I don't have to have the surgery as of right now. But the condition will never heal itself, so I may have to in the future.


Katie Jo said...

hahah I love old people... and that's just awesome! You won't go blind, silly.

Austin and Andrea said...

Hi Carly! You don't know me. I just saw your blog through Jayni's and fell in love with your cute post title writing. How in the world do you do that? Do you share your blogging secrets? Haha, if so let me know. I would appreciate it! Thanks so much!

Madalyn :) said...

wait wait wait... so do you have to have the surgery?!