Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ma Big Boy

Little "Breck", as my mom likes to nickname the baby, is measuring in the 72nd percentile. There is also some extra fluid in there, so combination of a bigger baby and more fluid (both at normal levels) was the most relieving verdict. The ultrasound tech was like "Well, he aint the biggest kid in class, but he is certainly bigger than average".
Last night Josh and I went to D.I. to find some books on tape to keep him entertained on the 3 hours a day he is driving to & from work. A hispanic man who spoke little english kept asking me questions "boy or girl" and his wife had to translate for him. He finally took practice with the little english he knew and said "He....big?"
I feel no obligation to be polite to people after they get into that, so i just straight ignore him. Fortunately my husband is sane and laughed with him going "yep...he's a big boy! but she can handle it.."
**Update: I am not complaining that my baby is big. I am so happy that he is perfect and healthy. Just complaining/making fun of annoying strangers who make rude comments about it.
I must come off in my writing style that I am ungrateful...


Katie Jo said...

HAHA oh Carly you crack me up!!!! Who cares if he's big, big babies are SO MUCH better than scrawny little preemies! hehe... no offense to anyone's preemies out there... but they FREAK me out! Get the epidural and you won't even know if he comes out 10 pounds or not!

DaNiEl & ShAnDi said...

I so agree with Katie should be so glad he's big and healthy! It's a very good thing!

Katie Jo said...

I love that you updated it haha... you don't sound ungrateful... in any way shape or form... but you did sound a little worried about him coming out big HAHA :)

DaNiEl & ShAnDi said...

haha...oh don't worry Carly..I wasn't meaning that either. I felt bad when I saw your update. I guess it's just easier for me to think one way when I've never been pregnant. I'm sure I'll smack anyone who tells me "wow, your getting so big" =0) SO NO WORRIES!!!

You're definitely one HOT MAMA!

Mom said...

Little "Brick" is his name. :) "Brick Brecheisen" sounds very masculine to me. Don'tcha think?
I think the moral of the story is... perfect strangers think they can ask you personal questions about your pregnancy, gender of baby, size, then go into how long THEIR labor was... Just because your stomach is hanging out there in space doesn't mean they can pat it, tell you how big it is, etc. :)

Madalyn :) said...

lol I can totally relate!
My little boy is 15 mons & complete strangers say to me all the time "WOW! How old is he? He's a BIG boy"
If I knew how to scream at strangers I would yell "It's none of your business that he likes food and I love his chubby thighs! Now please leave me & my son alone"
LOL It's so weird because I would never say something like that to a stranger, & yet some people have no problem with it.... crazy

Ang and Jerry Oler said...

You're beautiful Carly, and your son will be perfect!