Monday, August 1, 2011


Saturday night, I had a meltdown. Unfortunately it was in front of about 15 peers of mine that I highly respect.

I'll explain, you see. I received a text 3 weeks ago from my friend's husband inviting me to a surprise birthday party for his wife! Aw! What can I bring! I'd love to bring a salad!
OK, be there at 7:30.

(Now I thought to myself, "Self, do not be late.")

Well. We were late.

We are "those people" that are late to EVERYTHING. Last time I was on time to church? Couldn't tell ya, but good thing it isn't a temple recommend question: Do you do your best to be on time to church?

Anyway, I ask friend's husband (who is also my friend too) if he wants us to wait in the car til after she gets there so we don't spoil the surprise. He says yes, wait. So I say "Ok, let me know when we can come in". Kaius and Monroe wake up because we stop, and start with the whining and crying. 10 minutes waiting in the car goes by. I text him again and say "Wheres this chick at??" no answer. Another 10 minutes goes by and by this time Kaius is screaming bloody murder (Why...oh, my Mom said he had a poopy diaper before we left. I didn't change it, did you change it babe? aw crap.) So we drive down the road out of visual range, and change his diaper. I then text "Hey is your phone off? Cuz my kids are havin' a meltdown and I need an update" no answer. I'm thinking this poor guy is stressed to the max trying to carry out his master plan of doing something sweet for his wife, and he probably isn't looking at his phone, or he is WITH her and doesn't want his phone blowing up.
Plus, this is what we get for being late. Josh and I kept saying that. Its all our fault.
Then next 10 minutes I spend looking up white pages trying to look up her house phone number so I can call the party to see whats up. I found it! oh fax number. I don't have ANYONES number that would be at that party?? Oh, BRAD!
dialing....Hi is Brad there?
"No. This is NOT Brad's phone anymore."
Woops, sorry buddy.
After a half hour of waiting I just run to the house, stealth style. Knock on the door and I see everyone is having a lovely meal. Real cool, friend's husband, real cool. He realizes he forgot to send me the text to come in and I see how sorry he is. I could see it on his face, he feels so bad. I say its not his fault, but say we have to leave because I'm too stressed out. The chin starts trembling and I jet off back to the car. Total diva style.

Josh and I talked..why am I so stressed out? Oh yeah. Cuz I am lacking some serious Zumba in my life. I used to go every day of the week, but since we moved, I haven't found a class I like. I'm picky. Kaius is in his terrible twos....WAY bad right now. Its like he has a goal to make me raise my voice at him. He likes me to yell at him. I give him TONS of positive attention and CANDY when he does something awesome. Which is, like, currency in our house. Remember that facebook status "AAAAH TODDLER FOR SALE!!" (which was just a joke, CPS) its because he pretty much landed on Monroe's face with his elbow. He gets frustrated and hits us or bites us. Whatever, bottom line, I need a freakin break. A daily break to go exercise and be away from the crazies.

My lovely sister Jana invited me a week ago or so to come to California to get certified to be a Zumba instructor. Josh and I decided last night, we're gunna do it. He said if it makes me happy, do it. He said "I am pro-you being happy".
So, we booked our flight (our only and last chance EVER to have both kids on a flight with us, for FREEEEEEEEEEEEE since they are both under 2. Kaius will turn 2 like a week after we get back.

Oh, and its with Gina Grant, who is a big celebrity I guess in the Zumba world!

All my Zumba girls were jealous, anyway.
I'm pumped!!!


Ang and Shawn said...

What a crappy night. So glad you are going to do the zumba thing. Do you think you will be teaching in SLC? If so I totally want to come to your classes!

Katie Jo said...

hehee... diva! Jeez Carly I never knew you to be such a Diva! lol That is not diva ish. It was rude of him and when you're stressed you just can't help it!

Brenika landed on Dirk's head the other day. Oh was I mad haha.

I think it's cool you're getting licensed. I would come to your class. :) And you know why!!! hahaha

Mom said...

I'm excited for your/Jana's certifications! I wish I could come watch.
It will be great to have a way to fill your bucket.
Love you.

Ash said...

ugh that stinks! I am so sorry. That is a bad night!

I can't await to take classes from you! Hehe... Or maybe just one, since we live super far away!

Seth & Kirie said...

That is awesome, Carly! You are lucky that you have found something that makes you happy...and the fact that it keeps you in shape doesn't hurt either! If I was in Utah I would totally come to your Zumba class :) Good luck!

Bradley, DeAnna, Donovan, and Chamae said...

All moms need some kind of "out" to recooperate so we can be better moms. Awesome that you found something you enjoy. I would probably suck at Zumba, but maybe someday if I live in Utah again, I'll have to try your class! Good luck!!

Naomi said...

I hate when things come crashing down. I have had too many moments like that. I always thought that teaching Zumba would be fun but I am not so good at the Zumba part haha Good for you for doing what you love!

Jana said...

I am so glad you are coming with me! I was excited when I signed up but so nervous, but when you said you would come with me I was so relieved.
I am so tired of letting other people pick the music. I need to be in charge! :)

Hilary Bates said...

Carl I'm really sorry Sam forgot to tell you to come in. He still feels so bad about it. He has probably mentioned it twice a week since my party. Trust me when I tell you it slipped his mind. It wasn't intentional. He is never rude. He was hoping you guys could come to Lava so we could get a good experience to cover up the bad one. You can tell that I didn't help him plan, or you wouldn't have been overlooked. I hope we can make it up to you.
Sorry again. I am excited for your Zumba teaching. I found out I can go to free classes at school now, so I am excited to try it. You will rock at teaching.