Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Kaius is being so Cute today!

or "tyoot" as he pronounces it. I gotta do an update post about the K-Man.

This little boy would LIVE outside if we let him. Every time he has to come inside or get inside the car, I'm pretty sure a little piece of him dies. At least he acts like it.
He is obsessed with any kind of bike, car, or truck. Of course he is still obsessed with balls. Balls are his #1 priority.
He will look at any oblong shape and say "football". Its the cutest thing ever.
Today Monroe and Kaius were looking and each other and smiling. I said to Roe, "He likes you! Do you like her, Kaius?" and he said "I wite you" and hugged her. Which was probably his first sentence ever, but so cute.
Then I said "Do you love her?" and he said "I wuv you". I died from the cuteness.
He pronounces Monroe: Roe Roe.
gucky= a form of gross, Josh says "ucky" but Kaius made up gucky
He makes a "t" sound instead of a "ck" sound..just like my little brother Matthew. I was "his Tarly" for years...but now he is a grown up 4th grader and is too cool ;).
Kaius is a man's man. If he has a choice between a man and a woman (like if I leave him with grandparents, or we have friends over) he will almost always go to the man. He loves babies.
Candy is currency.
Anything with a wrapper, he thinks its candy. Like...tampons, condoms...he is very disappointed when he finds out its not (by me telling him, not by him getting them open, ps.).
Almost every time we go to the park we are told by someone that Kaius is very coordinated for his age. He jumps with both feet and lands with both feet. He can throw balls pretty far, and sometimes he can catch. He even likes watching football. I'm so burnt out on football, I hope Monroe will be interested in shopping with me instead of watching football!

Well, that's about all I can think of. The end.


Mom said...

It's really fun when they learn to talk and you can understand them. I love it when he (and the others) says Mamaw! to me. I only have cute grandkids.

Jana said...

Moseley is the same way with wrappers, just about every day he finds a panty liner and opens it to see what's inside. It doesn't help that they come in candy colors.