Thursday, July 28, 2011

Laundry Stain Remover & Other Mushy Stuff

Been a long-time lover of

Shout Advanced. I still have a bottle I'm using actually. But the last few times I've gone to my Dad's in California, he keeps asking me if I've tried this stuff

If you see the little picture on top, its a picture of clothes (pants, shirt, shorts) on a clothesline. He has told me all the things he's gotten out of clothes using it. Oil, grease, blood, etc. And I go, "cool Dad" and then I forget every time I go to Wal Mart. Well, a couple weeks ago when I was in the pharmacy section looking for mineral oil for our

Awesome lady lamp. Have you seen one of these in action, by the way? They're pretty nifty. Anyway, you know how people pick stuff up and then decide they don't want it later and then just dump it wherever (that's GOTTA be annoying for the employees) well, staring me in the face was this container of GOOP. So I snatched it.

I used it on a permanent marker stain and it reduced it significantly. Its gotten oil stains out easily.
Its around a $1 and you can find it in the automotive section. Shout is about $6 for a teensy bottle.

Josh had an oil rain lamp like the one pictured above growing up. They were common for decor in the 70's. Fits our house awesomely! So its a nostalgic piece, but not only for Josh.
Back when I thought Josh was just a good, macho friend of mine...I found out that his parents lived about 10 minutes from my Dad in California (1st date was day after Halloween). Perfect! I'll get a cheap ride since we'll split gas. Well, we pretty much fell in love the 10 hour ride there. I had thanksgiving dinner with his family and there at their house was this crazy looking unclothed (chose that word, instead of the obvious word, so people googling that word will NOT find this blog) statue rain lamp. After dinner we watched princess bride (I had never seen it before) while cuddling. He turned over to me and whispered "I love you" I let out a sigh as if to say "Finally you say it!" and told him I loved him too. We spent the rest of the night talking and pretty much decided my last name wasn't going to be Oler very much longer. No games. He was hot. I was hot. He liked me, I liked him. Lets get married. Lets have babies. Sounds great.

So, that lamp reminds me very much of that night, as it was about 3 feet from me as Josh professed his undying love for me.

Also, some other movies I had never seen before I met Josh: Dirty Dancing, Karate Kid, Casablanca, The Twilight Zone, Ferris Beuller's Day off.


Mom said...

I have some 25 year old Goop that I"m digging out of the cupboard...
Thanks for the advice. Maybe good addition to the homemade laundry soap I made.

We're glad you and Josh fell in love. He's an awesome husband, father and son-in-law.

Unclothed lady lamp is pretty cool too. :)

Katie Jo said...

How funny is it that my first date with Trent was the day after Halloween? The Halloween I dressed up as Britney Spears at Cabelas. hahaha So what... like 2 years later you went on your first date with Josh right? So awesome. hehe

I usually use spray n wash. I might have to get me some of that Goop.

Naomi said...

Thanks for the suggestion! Teg got green concealer on my white comforter and I can't get all of it out. Hopefully that stuff will work.

Sarah said...

I'm an Oxy Clean girl. Love it. Cute lamp and lamp story. Sooo... First date he told you he loved you? Did I read that right?

Cammie said...

I'm so glad Josh introduced you into the world of amazing movies. You had never seen Dirty Dancing?! Whaaa?!

Hilary Bates said...

I'm glad Josh improved your cinematic range. :]