Thursday, August 25, 2011

Day 7 - Someone Who has made your Life worth Living

Josh was the total knight in shining armor when I met him. I was dating a loser and Josh told me to stop seeing him completely if I was going to start hanging out with him, at all. I was pretty shocked when he said that, and to tell you the truth...I didn't even like Josh that much. I'd been praying for a way out and this was my chance. I remember that we were on the phone when he gave me the ultimatum. He was shopping at Smiths, and I was at work. He said he would remove himself right now before he got emotionally attached, and said to call him back when I made my decision. I had made the decision already on the phone with him, but I waited like 10 minutes to make it seem like I thought about it :P. I wanted Josh as a friend for sure, so that's how it started.


Katie Jo said...

I never knew that! hahaha I kinda had a similar experience with Trent. Dating that other guy... he said.... go ahead and keep dating him if you need to.... you'll just eventually break up with him and be with me cause we're supposed to be together. HAHA That was the kind of confidence I wanted in a husband... not a moron who couldn't DECIDE if he even liked me! We have good men for husbands! :)

Cammie said...

I think this might be a very common story because I have a similar one with my husband! :)