Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bad Advertising

Are these people really pro's? Did they even go to college?

You all know how I feel about Sara Lee advertising. I don't wanna watch people stuff their face/crumbs all over their face. sick. I don't want to eat anything now.

But here's another company that's gone way way WAY too far:

pieces left behind?? um, shut up.

Yes, yes I WOULD like to go a day without watching a bear take a squat every day on TV.

(Now would be a bad time to say, we use charmin. Its the softest and Josh is a TP snob. It would be the cheapest stuff, if it were up to me. Ya happy, Charmin? You just got the best advertisment, for free.)

Next up, General Mills Check Mark Dog Grooming commercial

Her hand gets a lot closer to her dogs....beeeehind.
Josh informed me that its normal for people to show their dogs that way at a dog show.
You know what I say to that?
I. Don't. Care.
Seeing a woman rub her dog's butt doesn't make me want to go eat cereal. Let alone General Mills.

Want to know my opinion on who DOES advertise well?

aaand for some reason I cant find any pictures from a few years back when they had lots of desserts like ice cream, cup cakes in place of diet dr. pepper...

Anyway, I'm not crazy about Dr. Pepper, but that picture makes me want to take a drink of that drink. They just show the product when it is in best form, with ice and the cool condensation running down the glass...

I think basically I don't like advertisements with people in them.


Sarah said...

completely agree with averything you said. great minds think alike. Dr Pepper is the best drink. the advertising might have been what got me hooked in the first place. it's very effective. sometimes beer looks appealing, for that same reason...... maybe just leave people out of it and let the product sell itself...

Cammie said...

i hate those charmin commercials...their completely wrong!! i hate that toilet paper. it leaves behind more than anything else!

you're hilarious carly!

Micah said...

Interesting to hear your point of view. Especially on the dog commercial. I never would have thought of that being gross and turning consumers off. Being a marketing minor in college, this blog was very interesting to me

Hilary Bates said...

I also find those Charmin commercials very off-putting. I think the idea behind it is "oh hey we can show bears taking a dump, since we can't show humans". I think they are gross.

Hilary Bates said...

ps you are the funniest person ALIVE

Mom said...

My opinionated Carls. :) Too flippin' funny.
We prefer Scotts-Soft tissue because it's cheap but still soft enough to get the job done. And the rolls last forever. If i'm flushing it, its not gonna be the most expensive stuff.

No one has to ask what you're thinkin. te hehe.