Friday, October 8, 2010

Giving Birth Analogy pee on the stick, you find out the gender. Its all so exciting. The weeks tick by...and you know when you get to around 40 order to get your baby, you're gunna have to go down a dark alley

and meet a big scary guy and he is going to punch you in the face. You don't want to get punched in the face, but it just has to happen to get the baby out.

Just because this is my second child, and I have experienced pushing for 2 hours, and a c-section once, doesn't mean that when it happens again with this next baby that its less scary. I still have to go meet the man, and he's still gunna have to punch me in the face.

I think I'm actually more scared this time around, cuz my uterus has been cut open before! The risks! VBAC or another C-section? Im not even deciding until the end. But either way will leave a mark! ah!


Katie Jo said...

hahaha I think you just didn't wait long enough to forget about the horror of child birth lol. I'm to the point that I've forgotten.

Rachel said...

Well who doesn't love a good punch in the face. Though I would call it more of a punch in the area that your lady parts reside.

Sarah said...

VBAC!!!! Come see our Dr's - they are awesome! Thank goodness for pain meds!

Stephanie said...

I second going for a VBAC! The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists now reccomends VBACS, but I understand it can be scary to think about the risks! Whatever you decide, you'll have a baby at the end of it :)

Jana said...

Yeah, the second one is more scary, but mine was way easier the second time around. You have to figure after the horrific experiences we had on our firsts... It's only gotta get better from there, right?
I kinda wish it were just a punch in the face... It would be a lot faster! ;)