Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Kaius Turned One!!!!!!

This is super late, but we're lucky we even got any pictures at all, methinks. I had morning sickness and didn't do much of anything around that time.
Well, cake eating was anti-climactic.
He reached for the whole cake at first...thinking we would totally stop him.

But when we didn't stop him, he was just so upset that his hands were dirty.

All he wanted to do was cuddle his daddy to make him feel better.

Then, mommy took him on the grass to give mauling the cake another try.

Same thing, not happy.

Just wanted to cuddle.
But I didn't mind :)

This chunker, being in the 90th percentile for both height and weight most of his life...was only 20th percentile at his 12 month appt. He stayed 20 lbs for like 5 months straight. He's just lengthening out now. His chubbiness is disappearing and as soon as i see pics like this one, its crazy how much is gone.


Every day he's understanding more and more what we're saying to him. If we ask him to give us something he doesn't want to give up, he shakes his head from side to side.

He points at object and says "whats that??!" but it is pronounced "whathhhaaaaa?"

When I say "ready, set" he says "doow"

He has 7 teeth with one more on the way...yippieee.

When he sees someone he knows he says "Hi" to them, about 4-5 times. so cute.

If he hears any kind of music at all, he is bouncing up and down and waving his arms. He loves any and all music. Heavy metal, hip hop, classical...

I'm starting to try to potty train him. It would be awesome to have him out of diapers at 18 months when this baby comes (hey, supposedly Josh did it at that age! And Kaius is just a little CARBON COPY of Josh)

He loves kissing a hugging his stuffed animals. He has about 10-15 of them but I think his favorite is a big super soft Froggy that Katie got him at my shower. He loves kissing and hugging mommy and daddy too. A few weeks ago at church one of his little friends his age, Kellan, was playing with him and Kaius just leaned in and gave him a hug. Kellan's reaction was so funny, like "Uh...I like hugs but not from a DUDE" it was really funny. His mom Rachel and I are partners as Den mothers for the Bears. and they were both sitting in their strollers, side by side, holding hands. Now that I am typing it out it sounds a little weird, but at the time it was really cute. Anyway! He went in to kiss my mom a few weeks ago (sometimes they're opened mouthed, haha) and she thought he was going to bite her chin. But all he wanted was some grandma loves :)

He has been walking really well the last couple of weeks, getting pretty fast now and is almost running!

I can't think of anything else right now, but I would just like to state on record that I think this here baby on the way is a girl. The pregnancy has just been different. Im still kinda sick if I dont eat and that didn't happen with Kaius.


Katie Jo said...

He is soooooooooooo super cute! I can't believe he's dropped out of the percentile already... haha... Brenika is still 95th for weight and off the charts for height. Giant.

I swear EVERYONE I know is in scouts right now. Like ... e.v.e.r.y.o.n.e. HAHA

That frog is super duper cute... I'm glad he likes it!!

AND... your body could just get worse with every pregnancy... they say most women do... so it could be a boy, but.... you would have the MOST ADORABLE little girl. She might put Brenika to shame. HAHAHA (Of course I wouldn't think so, but ya know... just sayin!)

I miss your face!!!

Rachel said...

If you can potty train him at this age I will be rather impressed. And I will be calling to find out how you did it.

Lyonel and McKenzie said...

I cannot believe he is one, that year flew, plus to top it off you are pregnant again! If this one is a girl it will be a carbon copy of you! SO CUTE!

Mom said...

I agree with Kaius. I don't want greasy frosting on me either. Makes for anti-climactic birthday pictures though. :)

He's a cutie. He loved the BYU game, dancing with the music, doing the "it's another Cougar first down" arm movements and clapping during the BYU song. Very fun!
P.S. I think it's a boy.
Thanks for coming to Grandmas and love ya.