Monday, October 18, 2010

Epic Deer Watcher

We went to Steamboat Springs, CO for a getaway with some friends (which was amazing, and deserves its own post) and we were driving back this morning at 6 am. It was still dark and Josh was on full deer patrol. He is pretty amazing at pointing them out, I even informed the couple that was riding with us. Well, it was the girls and Kaius in the back (and we were all asleep), and the boys in the front chatting. We were going 70 and came up over a find THIS waiting for us.

But, pretend they are lined up across the highway, not grass.
No Joke, there were this many.
And as soon as humanly possible, Josh had the brake pedal to the floor and the tires screeeeeeeeched against the pavement, which immediately got the deers' attention (and the backseat passengers). They all started to dart right, except the one on the far left. He darted left. Which gave us a tiny gap, that I was sure our car wouldn't fit through. Josh swerved last second and made the teeny gap (which was probably on the opposite direction of traffic, luckily there were no cars) And as soon as we were in the clear, we all broke out the praises.
"That was AMAZING, Josh!"
"Wow, good job, Josh, I wouldn't have known what to do. I would have gone straight into them."
"me too. How did you do that???"
"Good thing we said a prayer before we left"
"Dude, that was like, video game good."
"Josh, I am thoroughly impressed. that was the most amazing thing I've ever witnessed."

You get the idea. He's irreplaceable.

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Katie Jo said...

hahahahaha I hate deer. Trent can spot them well.... comes with years of living in Montana I guess. When I would drive back and forth from school I would drive directly behind a diesel if at all possible so that they could clear the road of deer for me. HAHA