Saturday, January 9, 2010


I got this from my friend Maggie's blog. She is publicly de-cluttering and organizing her house, and I got some inspiration! I didn't think shining your sink would make a big difference.

(There I have the bleach water in the right side)

Sometimes I think I should be in Marketing. The "after" looks so much better without all the soap and scrubbers, but to tell you the truth, i just put them a few feet to the left out of the picture, then put them right back. Another reason, I dont think that food advertising should EVER show people actually EATING the food.
No one wants to see that.
So, Sara Lee, you need to fire your marketing director, and call me.
But, you will get rejected, because I am a full time mom. I will perhaps freelance for you, I charge $15,000/hr for a consultation.

I finally got around to making Kai's name blocks.

It would have only took me an hour but Kaius decided he didnt want to be independent for even 2 seconds so it took me a whole day just working on it a little here and a little there. I'm pretty stoked with how they turned out. Its really easy for these to look girly with too funky of a font, embellishment, or choice of paper pattern. Maybe I should open an etsy shop? I haven't looked to see if that market is oversaturated...
ok I just checked and I didnt really see any like mine. Something to think about...

And Lastly, I dont know if any other moms out there have experienced the feeling of baby kicks after having the baby, but I feel "kicks" all the time. Its not gas, I know that, but I think its muscle spasms. I had Josh get me a pregnancy test at the dollar store, and I just took it, and..................its negative.


jayni & ben said...

hahah you crack me up. I loved this post. His name looks so cute. and sooo boyish!!

Katie Jo said...

nice job on the letters... too bad you moved so far away from me or we could've done it together!!! :)

i still feel weird movements in my stomach... it's weird. it's not gas either... but I think I'm totally screwed up from having a baby then 2 back to back surgeries in that area. HAHAHA

Naomi said...

I feel baby kicks too! And Tegan is 2 years old lol and sadly I am not preggers :(

Chris & Maggie said...

YEAH!! I am so happy that you finally posted this!! I love shout outs to me!!

Love you chick-a-dee & I love your blog!!

Ashleigh said...

Lol, you got a pregnancy test @ the dollar store? Are you sure that's legit? And that's kinda weird that people still feel kicks - I can't wait to feel my baby kick. Being pregnant is such a WEIRD (albeit beautiful and exciting) experience :)

Madalyn :) said...

Ya I still feel kicks every once and a while, and it feaks me out, I start thinking I just might be prego, but thanks heavens my mother nature gift always comes (O how I look forward to that monthly gift) haha

Anonymous said...

just came across your blog, my daughter is 9 mons and i still feel those "kicks" my only guess is its your muscles going back to normal... who knows ive google it over and over, nothin.

lil lynsey loo said...

I'm lovin the baby blocks! I would totally pay for've got some mad artistic talent Carly!