Wednesday, November 10, 2010

my whole house is GREAT

Have you ever seen "Jessica's Daily Affirmation" video? If not, here it is.

I have had a couple people tell me that the little girl reminds them of me. What a compliment!
Cuz I do think I'm quite awesome. I was just born that way ;)

Well, I'm gunna just copy her in this post. Last night, Josh and I were brushing our teeth and I was telling him that because of parent-teacher conferences I don't have scouts today. Only when I was telling him, I was doin a JIG, I was so excited. He was like are you trying to be that Jessica girl? So I hopped up on the bathroom sink and did a little rendition for him, haha.

anyway, here goes.

I like my son!

I like my husband!

I like my dad!

I like my sisters!

I like my in laws!

I like my mom!

I like my brothers!

I like my ward!

I like my baby bump! And the baby! And the kicks!

I like my stuff!

I like my hair!

I like my haircuts! (which I cut and colored myself..I'm quite the recessionista)
Here is my only pic of it...its in Leia buns but you can see the bangs I cut and the color

I like my friends!

I can do anything good...yeah...yeah yeah.


Cammie said...

You ARE awesome! I can totally picture you up on that sink dancing. You crazy lady. Luv ya!

Hilary Bates said...

you can do anything good.. better than anyone else.. yeah yeah
That little girl is totally you. I love that video.
Also I love your bangs. Adooorable.

tricia said...

I can so see you in that little girl.
and i need a new hairdo so feel free to come to canada and hook a sista up.
Yeah yeah!!

Madalyn said...

IS THTA YOUR SON IN THAT PICTURE!? He's getting so big!