Friday, April 1, 2011


I'm just gunna blog so I can remember this time of my life better.

Basically, I'm annoyed.

I went to the doctor on Tuesday (day after my birthday, thanks for all the happy birthday wishes :) and while she was "checking" me, uh, it hurt. She was goin in all sorts of directions and finally pronounces "you are at a 2 and 80% effaced". That night, the BACK LABOR started. That was fun. But I was lucky and it only lasted an hour. Contractions haven't stopped since. I'm pretty sure she stripped my membranes, at least a little bit. Without telling me.
So I have no idea when the baby is going to come. And I am freaking out trying to get everything ready. We finally bought a changing table and breastpump last night off of KSL...$115 for both...yeah, I'm a hussla.
I finally finished the bow holder. Still working on the wood letters for the wall...
I'll post pictures later. Too busy for that.

Every time a contraction hurts I wig out, in my head. The thought of 2 kids is starting to terrify me. Kaius is just at that age where he is learning how to get into everything and wont listen to any "don't touch that's" or "please don't's". I remember when Kaius was a newborn, every waking moment I was a prisoner on the couch breastfeeding.

And if I have a successful VBAC, but I tear really bad, I'm gunna be TICKED. I would imagine in some ways that is WORSE than recovering from a c-section. Then I'd have 2 scars. Wonderful! But, ya know, worth it.

Wow this post might be TMI for some people. Oh well!

Back to the birthday, it was a great day. I woke up to a funny "hoops & yoyo" card from Josh and Kaius. When Josh went to work, a treasure hunt was in store for me! I had notes sending me all around the house and it was really cute. I got to go with my Mom for a pedicure, it was sooo relaxing. I swear they massaged my legs longer than usual, probably cuz I'm pregnant ;).


Katie Jo said...

Were you started with Kaius? I can't remember?? I'm sure you'll be fine in labor and I promise... recovering from a tear isn't as hard as recovering from a C section... unless you tear up to your butt hole, but I don't think you will. I tore.. and though I didn't have a c section... I had an ectopic pregnancy surgery which is similar.

I'm glad you bought a pump hahaha :) :)

I don't know how to help you with the 2 kids... I'm totally freaked, and Brenika is old. HAHAHA Good luck... glad it's you first this time and not me!!!!

Rachel said...

Back labor sucks! I am so sorry. Just take your pain medicine when you are supposed to and the tearing doesn't hurt that bad. And take the stool softeners that they give you. Oh and make sure you ask for a doughnut pillow. I didn't get mine until the second day and I can just say it helped a ton.
Good luck!

Jana said...

I warned you about having babies so close together... :)
No, you will be fine. Second babies learn to be less needy than firsts, because it is impossible to give them %100 of your attention. Moseley was a way faster nurser than Carmen was, and he learned to sleep in all kinds of noise. You're life will be crazy for a little while, after that your kids will be best friends.