Saturday, April 16, 2011

Monroe 1 week old

So far, here are some facts:

♥ Recovering from a vaginal delivery is much harder than I expected. I thought I'd be all better by now, but turns out it takes most women about 2 weeks before they feeling of being hit by a truck goes away. The pelvis part is probably the worst. Its sore...
♥ My Mom is the best Mom ever. She totally saved me this week. She watched Kaius the whole time we were in the hospital, making it a very relaxing experience for Josh and I. And we were able to bond with our princess.
♥ Kaius cries way more often than Monroe.
♥ Monroe sleeps all day. AND all night. Wonderful. (ok, not all night, she wakes up twice to eat...not bad)
♥ I got mastitis AGAIN. Hense previous post. Felt like I was gunna die yesterday, but got some antibiotics and am feeling much better today. Roe just sleeps so much and isn't keeping up with the milk. And I don't want to pump because that will just exacerbate the problem.
♥ Kaius has never gotten jealous of the attention Monroe gets. He is only jealous that WE are holding her, and not him. He always wants to hold and kiss her. Its a dream come true.


Rachel said...

It hurts like crazy doesn't it. I am five weeks out and if I stand for too long I start to ache again.

Congratulations on such a cute baby!

Chandy Colton said...

My first vaginal birth was much harder. The second and third time was a breeze. Hardly any pain. Just take your time and don't over do it. I remember it hurting just to sit on the toilet. OUCH!!!!! I think after your second week out you will feel better. At least I hope so. She is soooo beautiful and so it all makes it worth it!!!! Right???? Lol!

Mom said...

Happy to help, as Kaius is a cutie bug! He's so much fun-but I know why we have kids when we're young.te he. Hope you're feeling better FAST! Sure love you.