Thursday, April 28, 2011

First Joint Doctor Appt.

There was no way I was making 2 separate "well baby" appointments, and I made sure Josh could come with. It would have been a circus had he not been with us.
The nurse that was taking Kai's height/weight was rushing around and her demeanor was like she was super stressed out...which obviously made Kaius feel the same and he was completely freaked out. When the doctor came in and was testing his reflexes (hitting his knees) He started hitting her back!! It was pretty bad. Josh and I have NEVER seen him act that way. He didnt even have to get any shots this time (thank GOODNESS) but he was acting like he was abducted by aliens.

Monroe was great. She has already gained 2 lbs since birth...yeah she is over 10 lbs..that surprised me. She sleeps through the night (hallelujah) and I will always try to wake her up once or twice to eat. Sometimes she will, sometimes she wont. She is 90th percentile in weight, 75th in height. I feel so blessed. I know that I am.

We got Kaius to say Monroe's full name: "Man-roe"
Every male toy he has is "man", and he often says "ooh, MAN" if he gets hurt or whatever.
He will try to say anything we ask. I've been really excited for this stage. I think its one of the funnest stages.

We got Monroe's newborn pics done this week. We did some family pictures too. I also asked my Mom and Grandma to come, so we could do a generation picture. I think I am most excited to see those pics, with all 4 generations. My little brother, Matthew, doesn't have any grandparents [living]. My Dad just pointed that out to me this last week. I kinda doubted him at first, like, 'yeah right...everyone has grandparents...duh' but after I thought about it...he will never know what its like to be all excited to see your grandma and grandpa at their cool house and have them spoil you with treats and toys. I feel so bad for him. I mean, I think he gets spoiled in other ways (i.e. he's been to Hawaii like 4 times at least, and he's 8. He has 2 power wheels and all I ever wanted growing up was one. But I digress) But its still not the same.
I am so blessed to still have my Grandma and Grandpa with us. I always have wanted a picture with my Grandma, Mom, and Daughter. Not everyone gets that opportunity. When Family came in town for Kai's blessing, I was sure to do a Generation shot with Josh, his Dad, and Grandpa.


The Sanfords said...

LOVE the generation picture!

Katie Jo said...

I'm glad I had my girl first so that I could have a 4 generation picture too before my Grandma died. Now I have no grandma's left and my 1 Grandpa is still hanging around. It is weird! haha I want to see your giant chubbers baby! hahaha :) :) And I can't wait to see her pictures!

Mom said...

It was so awesome to get these pictures together. (a little harried with Kaius doing laps around the place, and finding throwing knives right at his level-eek) but awesome, none the less! Life's too short not to live in the moment. Thanks, Carly for organizing this photo.
(with the title of this blog entry, i thought you were having problems with your joints and wondered how I didn't know about it.) ;)

I also love the 4 generation picture with Kaius and Brecheisen gents.

Love you!