Friday, March 25, 2011

Baby High Heels

I think Heelarious high heels for baby girls are SO cute, and funny!

Apparently there is a lot of controversy with these...but mostly because people don't realize they are NOT for WALKING babies. The heel is collapsible, and is for babies 0-6m.

Heelarious "Stella" Baby shoes
Heelarious "Kayla" Baby shoes
Heelarious "Brooke" Baby shoes

And my personal favorite (of course):

Elle Heelarious Baby Crib Shoes
BUT, those hot pink patent ones are sold out EVERYWHERE. In fact, they stopped making them. But I had to check everywhere before I could rest. I got the LAST PAIR at!
(If you wanted to buy some, let me know and I'll give you a sweet coupon code)
The boutique price for these is $80, but I got THREE pairs for that price...with the coupon code I googled. I'm so excited!

Oh, and I ordered a hot pink pair from and they didnt contact me for a WEEK, even thought I emailed and called a million times. They finally emailed me today and told me they credited my account because they are sold out. Dumbheads.
Here are some cute babies in them:

While I'm on the subject of cute baby stuff...My best friend (and fave Zumba instructor) Cammie got me this onesie...

Cuz I Zumba'd a TON during this pregnancy :D

And, I'm sorry, I just cannot post this without saying, these are the best pictures I could find on google image search of these onesies. The poor baby is in such an awkward position in both pictures. I will one day post a much cuter picture showcasing the awesome outfit! Thanks Cammie!


Katie Jo said...

hahahahahahah only you would spend that much money on shoes for a baby! :) I love it Car! you crack me up!!!

Cammie said...

Those are the funniest things EVER!! Your baby girl definitely has to be sportin' those! She'll look HOT! :)

And, you're welcome!! Hopefully one of these days I can give you a cute pic of a baby in a onesie! :)

Mom said...

Certainly don't hold back, Carls. Tell us how you really feel.(Dumbheads)

Laughin' my head off. Darling shoes. What will you do with 3 pairs? Are they all different? What if baby has unusually large feet, like, um. you know? te hehe

Madalyn said...

I'm not a fan of the hat thing that you posted on Wednesday and I'm also not a fan of the baby high heels lol, both are horrible in my opinion. But, that's why we all get to have our own opinion. Right? Right. lol
You'll have a very darling baby so no matter what shoes you stick her in she will rock them very well!

Shanae said...

Oh My! High heels for babies?! I love it! I think it's hilarious :) I can't wait to see them on your girl!

Ang and Shawn said...

I never responded to your comment...yes that brother is the same one that played tennis in high school. and I loved that you called him hot. haha

baby heels...I'm so confused. they are funny... but i would have to see them in person to see if they are cute.
-love reading your blog. you crack me up!

Ash said...


and i loved seeing you guys today! We need more couple cousin hangouts <3

Kelcey said...

Hi! I've been searching for a pair of the heelarious shoes for a friend with a brand new baby girl. All of the stores are telling me they can't get them anymore! I came across your blog in my search (adorable by the way) and would LOVE to know your coupon code and any tips on where to find them! Thanks!!!

Carly said...


You left no means for me to contact you and your profile is coupon code is 30
that gets you 30% off at
Im pretty sure they have some left. Good luck.