Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Popular Kids Shows

Ok so, Imagination Movers

Yo Gabba Gabba

Blues Clues

The Wiggles

These are all popular kids' shows right? What do they all have in common?

They all have adult males in them. Who dance around crazily to annoying music. And, if its not too rude to add, they are all ugly.

Why do kids like this? When I was little, I liked watching other little kids on TV. Like, Barney...or on Full House I would always like to watch the scenes with kids in them the most, I was annoyed with the adult scenes. I guess because I could relate to them? I do not see how I would EVER relate to any of the males above.

Its actually quite creepy in my book. I mean, I have watched the news recently...you really can't trust anyone these days. I can't stop picturing a group of sex offenders dressed as the wiggles and frequenting the local elementary school in their big Astro van.

Anyway. Did ya'll see the new Charmin commercial, where the momma bear is lint rolling the baby bear....and she brushes the lint roller across his bottom????????



Katie Jo said...

Brenika HATES imagination movers. Most all of the other Disney shows she likes... but this one, nope! haha She must think they're creepy too. And I also hate Charmin commercials... I also hate Charmin toilet paper. And there is this lady I work with, who I dislike... and her name is Charlet. I always call her ch ch ch charlet. Ya know... like that stupid commercial song? haha

Cammie said...

Charmin does the exact opposite of what the commercials say it does. Their liars!!

Sarah said...

no wonder society is messed up. our kids are watching freaking pedofiles on tv. charmin sucks.

Sarah said...

and also - your stick figure family mom needs to give birth......

Mom said...

Dang, I missed the birth of your stick figure baby. :)

Jana said...

Oh man, you have obviously never had the privilege of watching lazy town... Now that one takes the cake. It's adult males in spandex actually dancing with a 12 year old girl in a pink wig. Wildly inappropriate! You should you tube it just to see the train wreck.

Ps I agree with you on the shows with men, except yo gabba... That show is rad. ;)

Jana said...

Oh yeah and I also hate charmin commercials, what the eff is up with those?!

Bradley, DeAnna, Donovan, and Chamae said...

I can't lie, I actually don't mind watching The Wiggles with Donovan. The kid shows of our days didn't have adults being that silly. I think it's fun for kids to see adults other than their parents being silly. That's my theory.