Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Nursery Pictures

Cute stuff I've made:

{diaper clutch}

{bow holder & headband holder}

Got the frame half off at Hobby Lobby

Oatmeal cyllinder, mod podged

(ps..don't waste your time getting cute ribbon...cuz you cant see 'em)
I upgraded the space to this

I went from just the one pink kissing ball from this post, to this:

And then finally to this:

~White tissue lantern~Hot pink rosette kissing ball~Hot pink tulle ball~Chocolate brown rosette kissing ball~
(I just googled tutorials on them, and got help from Hilary on the white ball..she had them at her wedding :)

(don't worry, that chandelier is hangin in there good. :)

I got the idea from The Newlywed Game set.

I started feeling bad because Kai's side of the room was ho hum compared to Monroe's. I asked Josh if I should make some tissue lanterns in boy colors and he said NO, that's sissy. Get some sports balls or something. So..I did.


Ash said...

when we have kids, I'm gonna need your help to make it cute!

You're amazing, it looks great <3

Natalie said...

SO so so so cute!!! Makes me excited for my own to come!

Katie Jo said...

Jeez Carly I wish I lived by you and we could do stuff together! I bought stuff for my own diaper clutches like forever ago and still haven't made them... but I like the bow thing to attach the diaper. You will have to show me how to do that. :)

Sarah said...

super cute! my hell she has a lot of bows! love Kiaus' position there...

Chandy Colton said...

Sooooooo cute! I love what u did Kiaus's room. It is all very cute!

Kelsie said...

Some day, I am going to have a little girl. You are so creative.

Mom said...

Very Cute room Carly! The little guy lounging on his bed is especially huggable and cute! :)

Love you,


Shanae said...

Everything you've done is soooo cute! I think Monroe is gonna need a couple more bows ;) haha. I love the balls you hung for Kauis's side of the room!

Jana said...

That frame is a good idea for bows, I'll have to make one of those.
I like all of those hanging lantern things, those are super cute!
I also like kaius in that bottom pic, cute boy.