Monday, February 21, 2011

Surprise Shower and an Update

I am going to miss the northern UT area we just moved from. Some friends we get together with for FHE every week had us over for dinner last week. We had yummy chicken (hence the previous post) and potatoes. Oh, and chocolate cheesecake that was diVINE. I pretty much pigged out. Then my back was turned for like two seconds, and all these girly pink presents were on the table! Surprise! It was the night our car broke down (on the way home from the shop...double grrr) and I was so emotional I started tearing up again. Such a nice thing to do for us.

Im blogging with Josh's phone, and it sucks. But we are loving the new area we are living in. Our first Sunday at our new ward was...interesting, but good. The first few people we talked to told us we might not be in their ward boundaries..okaaay..even though it says so online? And a lot of people just assumed we were visiting instead of asking if we were new or visiting. We talked to the bishop and he said they have quite a few people that just show up wanting to be in that ward that live far away. Makes more sense.

Kaius has been transitioning to the toddler bed and is doing awesome. At first he would wake up crying like he had NO idea where he was. Poor fella. But every night he does better.

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Mom said...

I'm so glad you have such awesome friends to throw you a baby shower!

Love you,