Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Our VaLenTiMes Day!

I usually find it really annoying when people say "Valentimes", but recently I saw a craft on a blog, wooden blocks with letters on them that read "Happy Valentimes Day" And it looked really cute written out.

Anyway, it was a normal day (minus the part about looking for a sitter all day) until Josh got home. We got ready to Zumba and took Kaius to a friend's house. I had been begging Josh to come with me to this "Zumba with Your Valentine" event for weeks. He usually coaches volleyball Monday nights, but they didn't have practice. He was fully mentally prepared to Zumba. I told him it would be my Valentines gift if he went. Malan (Cammie's Huz) was excited to know there was going to be another guy there. Cuz he kind of had no choice :D

The guys did SO good though! I think there was a total of 5 guys there. It was a fun atmosphere and Josh and I got DOWN. hahaha. Josh kept pointing out what kind of music it was, what language they were speaking, and sometimes what kind of dancing Cammie was doing. He would be like "Oh this is Samba!" and I have no idea if he was right. But it was a blast.

Then we went home and he whipped out this gorgeous butterfly headband. I love butterflies.

I had tried it on when we went to Claires on Saturday, I saw a little 4 month baby girl was getting her ears pierced and I wanted to watch. It was very sad. Most babies I've heard of getting immunizations cry for a minute and that's all. This little girl cried like she was in pain for a long time. I learned I definitely wont be going to Claires for it if I end up doing it. I just didn't get the feel that the girl was confident that she knew what she was doing. If anyone has advice on that, lets hear it.
Also, Josh got some flower hair clips! White daisies with pink plaid centers. So mommy and baby girl can match!

Oh, and for Josh, I made him a nice feast with BBQ ribs, Garlic Shrimp, cardiac mashed potatoes, cheesy broccoli, and crescent rolls. That's not all he got, but this is a family friendly blog.


Seth & Kirie said...

Just a word of unsolicited advice....if you're going to get your infants ears pierced, please do not go somewhere that uses a gun! It is such a horrible way to pierce! I would recommend calling Iris Piercing in Sugarhouse to see if they would do an infant...I don't know if they would, but they are the most knowledgable and professional piercers in Utah. Love those boys at Iris :)

Katie Jo said...

Brenika cried LESS for her ears that for her immunizations. AND... I LOVE THEM. I will always pierce my baby girl's ears when they are 2 months. haha I went to the Claires other store... what's the name? Can't remember.

CUTE CUTE BELLY... you guys are HAWT!

My vday suuuuuuuucked. I'll tell you about it sometime! :)

Jeremie Brecheisen said...

I guess I am old fashioned but I definitely wanted to wait until my girls were older to get their ears pierced. I wanted them to have a choice about their bodies. Vaccines are necessary pain for their health. The pain for ear piercing should be voluntary- as its not necessary and the scars are permanent. Who knows, they might be a purist and not agree with it.

Chace-ing Kelsie said...

sounds like an awesome v-day!!!

Sara said...
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Melinda B. said...

btw, that was me commenting on the body integrity of children, not Jeremie, I forgot he was logged in.

Mom said...

I'm glad you both had a wonderful ValentiMe's day! I love you.