Thursday, March 17, 2011

It's Been Hectic, Man.

-I called Josh on March 8th at 4 pm, about 10 minutes after I had hung up with him last, and said "Happy Anniversary"
He said, "what?"
"Happy Anniversary," I repeated.
"Is that the only reason why you called?" he asked.
"Did you just realized just now that its our anniversary?" He asks.
"Yes...didn't you?"

He totally tried to play it off like he knew, but he didn't. We both had no clue.

So we went to Cafe Rio!!!!

Then on Saturday we went to my Moms to work on [baby girl]'s bedding, I found a couple movie ticket pass thingies in my purse so we went and saw "Just Go With It" because 2 of my best friends recommended it, both out of nowhere, don't know each other, and it was on the same day (the day we moved). It was really funny, Josh and I laughed a lot.
So we did get to go out on a date. Its been a long time since it was just us 2. It really brought us back to the giddy stage and we need to go out more often.
Back to the bedding, just wait til you all see this bedding. It is out of this world cute. And SO froofy, which I didn't think was my style, but I totally love it and its designed by me and my mom! (Plus we stole an idea from etsy...but we aren't paying $300 for something we could do for a fraction of the cost, plus make it cuter.)
I think it will all be done by this weekend. I can't wait to blog about it.

On Sunday, we spoke in church. I made lots of pregnancy jokes/made fun of how huge I was. A lady told me afterward that she liked me :D And a lady told my mom (who was watching Kaius) that she liked me and I'm gunna fit in just great here :D:D
My talk was 80% introducing us/20% on the Spirit of Elijah. Then Josh got up there and did great, but he would speak every Sunday. He likes that stuff.
A few hours before I spoke though, I started feeling sick. Kaius had already been coughing for a few days...but bouncing off the walls still.
Me...not so much. Body aches, cough, sore throat, yada yada. Finally got an antibiotic though, today.

We finally got internet at our house. Before I was just using Josh's phone...which is like looking at the internet through mud. Ok not really, but its not as cool. I have been really out of the loop, though. I didn't have facebook to remind me it was my anniversary, I was the last person in the world to find out about the earthquake in Japan, and I didn't know it was St. Patrick's day today. Oh well, all I did was sit around with my double ear ache and yell at Kaius. What a fun mom I am. Maybe I'll make some green pancakes when he gets home from his boys night out with Josh to watch the BYU game at Iggy's.

Something I've been meaning to blog about: Don't you want to be friends with this guy in real life?

We think he's hilarious.

Well, I think this is enough jumbled, jarbled crap for one post...lets blame all the cold medicine, please.


tricia said...

I think that guy is so dang funny too! and i can't wait to see your baby bedding. Hope your ears feel better.

Jana said...

Being sick as a mom is the worst, plus being pregnant is not fun either.
I love that guy, those mayhem commercials are so hilarious.

Annette said...

The bedding is super cute!You and your mom did a great job. And I love that guy too! He used to be on this (very rated R) HBO show called OZ. He cracks me up!

Hilary Bates said...

I love the guy from the allstate commercials. He is on 30 Rock, too. He is hi-larious. I don't even mind watching a commercial if it's this dude.