Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Opposite of a Vent!!!!

This is going to be the view from my living room.

Ok, not really. kinda.

We finally FINALLY found a place to move. Its been so annoying to tell people for the last 3 months "Oh yeah, we're moving in a few weeks" and then we never do... But we finally are! Im so excited! This place was our first choice but we thought it was long gone for sure. For those of you on pins and needles wanting to know if we are in the Prophet's ward, we aren't. But our meeting house is cute!

Now where am I going to Zumba?? I looked on zumba.com and I really don't have many options. So, Cammie, I'm just gunna put you in my lil pocket and take you with me :)
Really, though, I'm so picky. So maybe I'll finally get Zumba certified and teach my own classes (aka, *try*to teach identical classes to Cammie's.)

Also, I'd like you to meet Kaius' celebrity crush:

If one of these commercials come on, no matter where he is in the house, he rushes over to watch. Josh and I think he likes the sound of her voice. Otherwise, he isn't too interested in TV. He'll watch Mickey Mouse Club House for a minute or two, but then he's on to something else. He calls it "Hot Dog" though, because of the Hot Dog Song.

Lately he has been attempting to say "Please". Comes out as "Peeeeee"
He also says "Love you", comes out as "Ahhh Ooooo"
Kaius, say "Mom" and he says "Mom". Kaius, say "Mommy" and he says "Baboo". We can't figure it out haha. He still calls me Daddy when I come home from Zumba.
He has never ever said anything like "no" "don't" "stop" or "mine". awesome!
When he wants a diaper change he says "Bopper" for Diaper. His favorite words are definitely "touchdown" and "football". He always asks Daddy to watch football. Which is the greatest thing ever for Josh. I'm happy for him.


Jana said...

I am laughing out loud about the "baboo" thing. :)
I want to get zumba certified too, or maybe just run a bootleg class for my friends out of my husbands office gym. (then it wouldn't have to be 70 percent Latin, boo.)

Seth & Kirie said...

Since you will be living downtown SLC, you MUST venture over to Martines on 100 South in between Main and State. Go on a Thursday (lunch only) and ask for their Thursday pasta. Oh. My. Goodness. You can thank me later for the recommendation and think of me in Las Vegas, Thursday pasta-less while you're eating :)