Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Chicken Bone E.R. Visit

So the other night I was eating some chicken off of a bone and I swallowed and felt something pricking my tongue when I swallowed. It wouldn't move! I tried to find it with my finger but I couldnt. I couldn't tell if it was in my tongue or the back of my throat. I had Josh try to look with his bright flashlight on his new HTC phone (We scored it for free at T-Mobile's promotion last weekend!) But he couldn't see it.

Yesterday he was asking if it was still there, and told me I should call a doctor or something so it doesn't get infected. Well, we are a one car family, so I called the pediatric dentistry across the street and the receptionist kind of laughed and said "Um, I've never dealt with that but we don't work on patients over 13, but let me refer you to a dentist 5 miles away..."
I said "No thanks, I don't have a car right now. Thanks anyway."
So then I called my Dentist. The receptionist and I have talked many times and she knew who I was before I said my name. I told her the situation, and she said that was a new one for her, so she put me on hold and asked about it. She said because it was past the dangly thing in the back of my throat, I need to go to the emergency room.
I kind of laughed and said "I can't just go to a regular doctor?" and she said "No, you definitely need to go to the E.R."
I said "Well, why? Will it get infected or something?"
She basically just said that just wasn't their area and suggested again to go to the E.R.

So I hang up with her and call a family practice doctor, and the receptionist transfers me to a nurse in the Urgent Care. She says they wont be able to help me there, and to go to the E.R., especially because its a chicken bone and will get infected very fast.
Now I'm really starting to freak out. A trip to the E.R. isn't cheap. So I turn to my Facebook friends. Everyone says to go. Tears!
So I ask my BabyCenter birth group. They say go. Because of infection. One dumb girl says "If you can't afford to go to the E.R., how are you going to afford a baby"
(Tangent Alert)Exhibit A of why I HATE babycenter. Everytime I post, theres always one or two that have to ignore the whole point of the post and say something extremely negative and rude...because they are anonymous. I freaked out on her, I said "If a girl in real life was telling you about her stressing out about how to pay for a $250 copay for a STUPID E.R. trip...would say to her 'How are you going to pay for a baby if you can't pay for an E.R. visit?' Well, maybe you would say that, but I wouldn't. That's rude." (Tangent over)
So I finally call Josh and tell him what's up. Not exciting. I call one of my best friends from the ward and see if she can babysit. Leeann is the best. She was so willing to help any way she could. Such a blessing.

We head off the the hospital. The nurses checking me in thought the situation was bizarro.

Ok, I'm 32 weeks pregnant. I am huge.

The doctor walks in and asks me to explain the situation. He puts numbing stuff on the back of my throat so I don't gag, and starts pokin around. He finally stops and says "I don't know if this is something I can get. I may have you go home and see what your body does with it (it may push it out, or your body might absorb it and dissolve it) and then I will give you a recommendation for an ENT" which, apparently is "eyes, nose, throat"
I kind of had an attitude...explained I did my research and was told this would get infected easily because its chicken, etc. I said its already been in there 24 hours...I've been eating all day...I've tried getting it out on my own, etc. So he comes back with a big machine, its a bright headlamp. He has Josh hold my tongue down with a stick and he holds some tissue down next to the dangly thing (formal name is Ugula..or somethin) and he keeps having me feel the bone with my finger. The area is very swollen by now. Josh points out there is a concentrated dark red dot. "You see it, Doc?" He asks. That Josh. He's so cute.
And the doctor pulled it out!!!! He was so surprised...he said he was just grabbing blindly with tweezers. I was like "GIVE ME THAT!" And I examined it. Yuck.

This is the best picture we could get. You can't really see well, but the bone turns from brown to white and curves up at the tip..and is very fine also. The white part is what was sticking out of my skin. The rest was in my throat. Thats pretty long! I mean, that thing was IN THERE. No way my body was getting it out.

We are all ready for this week from H-E- to be over! (Another reason why is because we had to take our car to the shop TWICE this week)


Chace-ing Kelsie said...

So I am sorry all of that happened to you but let me just tell you that you look ADORABLE prego!! love your baby bump!

Lyonel and McKenzie said...

Oh man! I wanna give that girl a piece of my mind. Tell her that in order to afford the baby, you dont want to go to the ER! Dummie! Anyways, I can just picture you pulling the chicken bone from the Dr tweezers and sayin' Give Me That! It made me laugh! Im glad he was able to get it and it was not a waste of money!

Chandy Colton said...

YUCK! sorry you had to go through that, that is not fun at all and it is so expensive to go the ER! Oh and about that girl on BabyCenter Birth Group, I would have totally given it to her too like you did. HOW RUDE!!!!!
Your belly is so cute, you look great I think! Good luck with your move. I will miss you tons! I hope we can keep in touch and if you ever come up this way let me know maybe you me and cammie could go out to lunch!
Your blog is cute! I have a blog, if you want an invite, send me your email address!
Oh and DONT worry about a dirty house, you saw my post on facebook, it is almost impossible and wait until this little girl gets here. I guess it is better to have happy kids and a messy house then having them worry about making a mess and never getting to have fun and just play and be kids, that is what I try and tell myself.

Katie Jo said...

Cute cute belly. I think it's good you went... I didn't read it on facebook and figured you had gone. I was going to tell you that anything stuck in your throat doesn't come out on it's own... it gets covered by tissue and then gets infected and all that gross stuff. Which is why the bone was already have covered. A lady in my ward is a nurse and her 2 yr old swallowed a penny that got stuck in her throat and they took her in immediately because they didn't want it to get covered up in tissue. It's amazing what our throats can do. I'm glad it all ended okay!!!

Melinda B. said...

She's totally right you know. Only rich people should have babies. I mean look at Paris Hilton and Miley Cyrus. Rich parents = GREAT parents.

Mom said...

I thought your two hockey sticks at the end were pictures of the chicken bone. :) yes. I'm dense, but loveable. I'm glad you went to ER too and had success! Love you.

Sarah said...

that is awesome! i love your spunk. don't put double hocky sticks you nerd!

Sarah said...

that is awesome! i love your spunk. don't put double hocky sticks you nerd!

Bonnie said...

You are such a cute prego girl! I miss you guys lots. Hopefully you'll be able to come back up for my shower! Oh and I'm SO happy to hear that you went off on that girl! What a brat! I probably would have said something too!