Monday, February 7, 2011

Just a Vent

I'm totally letting these pregnancy hormones get to me, I think.
But I'm completely stressed out to the max. I am the biggest worry wart ever. I don't know where I got it. My mom is a good support and has always had the attitude that "it will all work out" which I KNOW full well it always does, yet I worry and stress anyway. But I feel like I need to list my stresses. Its all a jumbled jarbled mess in my head and I'm just trying to ignore it but it has put me in a funky haze.

-We are trying to find a place to move into, but you would NOT believe how many landlords trying to get renters in will NEVER EVER EVER answer their FREEEEEEKING phones!!!! We spent all afternoon Saturday looking and we looked at about 5 places and only ONE place answered their phones (the others were either unlocked, or we looked through the windows. yes, we're creepy.)

-The move itself. Not so much the packing and moving. I've had lots of friends offer to come help pack, and I know the trusty Elder's Quorum will be there on moving day. Its the idea of unpacking-before-baby-gets-here-in-2-months that is completely freaking me out.

-Being pregnant with a toddler is not fun. I'm such a boring mom. No energy to do anything. House is a sty. I would always think to myself with my 1st pregnancy "How do people do this with a toddler running around"? And you know what? I don't really do it. I don't know how they do it, but I'm not them. Kaius has days where he will do something over and over that is naughty and he gets put in time out every time. He's in time out right now. I hope he just falls asleep there. I really can't handle it at the moment. All my energy goes into picking him up and putting him over the gate all day for TO. (oh, and feeding him and changing his diapers)

-Our car has been making a really loud noise, and after asking my Dad, its gunna cost around $500. Sweet.

-My mom is making baby Girl's crib bedding. The fabric place sent the wrong color of hot pink fabric. Well I havent seen it yet. But I want it HOT pink, like this:

Not pale pink:

But this color is listed as hot pink!!! Stupids!

-I can't find my battery charger anywhere for my camera. Hence the lack of big belly pictures and updated cuteness from Kaius.

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