Thursday, March 18, 2010

So its Apparent...

That my posts are bipolar. Five posts have all words no pictures, then 2 with only pictures. But Its MY blog and I post whatever I want so if you don't like it then beat it. Scram.
jay kay.

2093 - ClearView™ Wide Three Drawer Organizer


This used to be my scrapbooking oranizer, but I've upgraded. More on that later.
Josh isnt the most organized with paper, but he'll never leave dirty socks or any clothes on the floor. He cleans the sink after he shaves, I think I got lucky. But I decided to surprise him by mod podging it! Did I mention, ?

But mod podging on PLASTIC...I dont recommend. It was hard. Wood is better because its more...supple? porous? you get the picture.

Back to scrapbooking, I have sooo many scrapbook supplies. I have maybe 3 scrapbook pages to show for it. I have, ribbon, letter stickers and stamps, fun decals, different papers, yada yada yada. I feel like the house needs to be completely clean and organized before I scrapbook. But when is it EVER clean and organized.

Now for some cute pics:

Like takin' candy from a baby :) (For those of you that are worried, he didn't actually lick this lollypop...just posing in the candy store. Well...he did lick it for a second, but the lollypop is wrapped in plastic)

first day outside with mom...finally some nice weather. He's wearing Oliver's hat!!

Aww...this picture reminds me of this post where I said "Now I'm all stoked for a chill little Brecheisen boy" because Oliver was so happy and calm! I don't think Kaius is quiiiite as calm as Oliver but he is a very good calm and happy baby! Also, when I wrote that post, I didn't know if we were having a boy or a girl yet.

Binkies...doesn't quite get the concept. But he's teething, so, whatevers.

Silly video of dancing Kaius


Amy said...

i love his big smile, such a happy boy! what a cutie. oh and i love the new pictures up top!

Bradley, DeAnna, and Donovan said...

He is adorable! And mod podge definitely rocks, I love that stuff. Your family picture is way cute!

Cammie said...

man, he sure knows how to dance! :)

Katie Jo said...

He is so fun!!!! haha I am the same on the scrapbooking stuff... have tons of it... never do it. I need a craft room for sure someday.

Madalyn said...

He's getting so big, I love it. You guys are so dang cute together! p.s. I love the new look to your blog.

The Sanfords said...

i love how you turned your scrapbook organizer so cute! i have one that looks almost exactly like that.. maybe i'll try mod podging it-- although i can see how plastic would be difficult to do that with.. hmm. anyway, SO cute!

Mod Podge Amy said...

You are so sweet to mention me! LOVE your drawers!

Jana said...

I've never tried mod podge before, but I'm sure I will now... ha ha.

I like the inappropriate singing to the baby, classic.

Kinda like ross and rachel singing "i like big butts" to make emma laugh.