Thursday, March 4, 2010

Random Things

Because I am wanting to document it for some reason, but sick of thinking of ways to jot it down creatively.

1) I think I have not been posting much about Kai's growth and development, in hopes that he slows his growth roll. Its quite ridiculous but I just want him to be stationary for a while longer. He will roll over once in a while but usually just lays there, he isn't strong enough to support all that chub yet. Works for me!
-He is like 26 1/2 inches, and 20 1/2 lbs. He is in like 90th percentile for weight, and 75th in height. like.

-His giggle and squeals are friggin hilarious. For the most part, he is a pretty quiet kid. Until I get on the phone, then he playfully screams non-stop...which is also cute and funny.

-He no longer really sucks his thumb...that I know of. He will do it for a second here and there but about a month or so ago he was doing it a lot. Maybe he still does it at night to self sooth.

-Since tuesday morning he has slept from like 11-ish to 7-ish. which is new. and great. Although, I thought once he'd be sleeping that long I would quit being so tired all the time. Nope...Im still used to staying up late, and pulling him into bed at 7 and snuggling til we fall asleep til 10. I am so grateful I don't have to work. I really have it easy.

-Josh is his favorite person in the WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD. He completely lights up when he walks in the door. When he is hanging out with dad and gets hungry, so he has to be given to me, he pretty much freaks out when Josh walks away and he cranes his neck to see where he is. Then sometimes Josh will come sit next to me so he will chill out and then Kaius just looks at him and smiles for a while. He really wishes daddy could breastfeed, and I couldn't agree MORE.

-He is a bruiser. This morning I was extra tired and sometimes he will let me just snooze next to him but this morning, he wanted to play! He kept scratching at my face and he got the same spot with his razor sharp nails (Josh "clipped" them last night...) and so now I'm missing a small patch of skin on my forehead.

-Anything that I put in his mouth other than milk, he absolutely cringes at. mashed up bananas, a tiny piece of bread, a tiny piece of a grape...he just makes this nasty face. But, its still cute.

-A week ago he started staring at his hand like 'this thing is moving, the way I want it to move, thats new" And I have the most awesome video of him doing it. I will post that soon. Its so weird to see him have such a controlled movement with his hands.

He turns 6 months old on Monday...and also on that day it is our 2 year anniversary!

2. I have friends over for dinner often because A) I want to get to know them better B) So I have motivation to keep my house clean. I am silly.

3. Motherhood is a lot different than I thought it would be. I always told myself that as soon as I have kids and am a stay at home mom, my house will be constantly sparkling clean. And that I would give up my slobbish ways. I can say it has gotten WAY better but not as good as I thought. Things I do now to make life easier (and if you have any suggestions, by all means share):
-If I use a pan or pot or utensil like measuring spoon that doesnt touch my mouth, i just rinse the food off and stick it right back in the drawer. Hey, my germs aren't on it. (unless its something like raw meat or something gross...but if I just needed a cup of sugar, does it really need more than rinsing...)

-I think twice before throwing a piece of clothing into the dirty clothes...'is it really that dirty?' 'do I really want to do more laundry?'

-some days I don't wear anything but my underwear, just so I don't dirty more clothes! Can't do that one too much longer, once Kaius is cognitive (Blogger is telling me cognacent isn't a word...whats wrong with me). lol (no I didn't laugh out loud and anytime anyone writes that, I don't believe them.)
Why do I use parenthesis so often? Cuz I am a scatter. brain.

4. I want to have another baby. For Kaius mostly. I think it's important he has someone to play with. Josh had his big brother Jeremie who is very close in age growing up and they liked it that way (Well, I am guessing Jeremie liked it that way...cuz he has 2 girls that are pretty close in age).
I remember having morning sickness for 6 weeks (but when I look back, I think of it as wayy longer. It dragged on a looong time) and thinking...if I had a toddler, I wouldnt be able to do handle them. Cuz I just sat on the couch non-stop. But, I was working full time too. A girl would be fun and different, but a boy would just be so convenient since we have all the schtuff. Except that Josh is impossible to talk with about boy names.

5. Zumba has changed my life. I have met some awesome friends and we freakin party it UP each class. We seriously run a muck. And we look awesome.

6. My favorite things right now are:
-Simply Apple juice
it really is like biting into a crisp juicy ripe apple.
-chocolate milk
my buds tell me its the best thing to drink after you work out, because it has the perfect balance of carbs, protein, and something else...fat? i cant remember. but I thought that was good news.
-Yogurt with granola in it. I googled "homemade granola" and made myself a huge bag!

-making basically anything from Pioneer Woman's website. But, when she says not to drain out all the fat, I do. And I use way less butter than she does. Because I think she is lying about eating all that fat, she is way skinny.
Also, I saw her on Good Morning America last week and expected her to have a deeper hickish accent, but she is totally high pitched and girly!

- I really do like the stuff. Cajun chicken is my favorite, in the lime green bag, but I can rarely find that these days.

Sorry no other pics but google image ones. I'm too lazy to upload anything. But, we're getting our family pictures done Saturday! I am stoked.


Katie Jo said...

Ya know what else is good in yogurt? Wheat! You get raw wheat grinds and boil them for like.... I can't remember, I think 4 hours or something. HAHA And you put them in yogurt. It's so yum. I've always wanted to try that Simply Apple... cause I LOVE Simply Orange!!! I might consider going to Zumba if I could go with you. HAHA PS.... I never put clothes on until I leave the house. HAHAHAHA I'm a total loser.

Bradley, DeAnna, and Donovan said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't always clean my dishes. I rarely do more than rinse out my measuring cups/spoons. I also like to wait until I get something on my jeans before I wash them...sometimes they don't get washed until after I wear them 3-4 times...gross, I know, but I usually don't wear them unless I leave the house! One thing I do to keep our place clean is do the dishes and clean the kitchen after dinner every night. If nothing else is clean, I feel good if my kitchen is clean!

Jana said...

If it's sugar, I don't even rinse the cup out!
And I do the same thig with PW's recipes... I love butter and all, but gimme a break. And whoa there on the cheese as well.

I love zumba too. I hope we get to go together sometime. That would be so fun.

I thought I'd care more if my kids see me in my underwear or whatever, but I don't. We're family. If you can't be comfortable in front of them... Who else is there?

Waiting in the Wilderness said...

I'm sure if you keep hanging round the house in your undies you will have another little one in no time! :-)

Madalyn said...

Carly you make me laugh! I loved this post :)