Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What? No cookies?

Can you see what elmo is offering Cookie Monster? Cookie Monster looks pretty excited...

A Banana?

He is holding an apple!! Where are the cookies?!!?

Oh, and whats that cute face in the background? ;)

I guess Pampers feels an obligation to set a good example for children.

Whenever Kaius is fussy and wont eat, or during a car ride, all I have to do is sing the Cuppy Cake Song. He stops crying almost immediately, and only when I sing it. And I don't mind it, although I am not the best singer! Here is the song being sung by a cute little girl, I'm not sure where this song came from?

Update: Dakota brought it to my attention that the song is from Strawberry Shortcake! :D


Jeff and Dakota Cambruzzi said...

Its from Strawberry Shortcake!!!! I sang it to Jeff Friday night and he just looked at my like I was dumb...so now i'm punishing him by calling him cuppycake

Mom said...

It always reminds me of Great Grandma McGrady's "Cherry Lips" song. Kaius will probably always stop short, like his mom does when we sing the "if you chance to meet a smile".... even though it drives you nuts. haha. Memories and family traditions are being made. Cute pictures of little Kai.

Katie Jo said...

I've never heard it... so cute. I'm sure you sing it just fine!!! :)