Monday, March 30, 2009

Babymoon & Anniversary in Hawai'i

Ok its been almost a month but I just have to tell you a few details! We had a BLAST in our tanks and shorts and flip flops all week long. It was so nice to kick back.
First things first, we got to stay with Jeremy & Melinda, my bro & sis-in-law. Josh and I are scratching our heads wondering how we didnt get at least one pic of the whole family, but here are a few.

This is the most chill little baby I have ever met. He will smile at ANYTHING. Even when the poor baby is sick! Look at him! He's so content with everything! Now I'm all stoked for a Chill little Brecheisen boy! (even though Josh was FAR from chill...he was bouncing off the walls constantly. we'll see.)

And I think this is little Aislin? I think she posed but turned around at the last second. Turtles are too cool :)
It was awesome staying with them! I especially loved how in the dead of winter you only need a thin blanket, and there arent real windows, just a screen with some glass blinds to keep the rain out. It was awesome when it would rain at night, because you had the soothing sound without the wetness! And they had an outside shower that had way hot water and it was exhilerating.

Ok so the first day we went to see the turtles, as shown above. The second day it was our anniversary, so after church we hung out with the fam for a while, and then went out for a romantic night for just the two of us. We walked along Waikiki Beach and then went to eat at Chuck's Grill. We got balcony seats and the food was amazing.
On that bottle, was written our menu.

[Lei's compliments of Melinda and Jeremy, an Anniversary gift!]
[[Thanks Guys!!]]
Then we walked along the strip for a while and shopped...and goofed off.

Ok, and this bag I have, I got from one of my best friends. Her name is Jessy and she got it from Thailand. She said it was great for the beach cuz you can fit so much in it!!! and that bag DID deliver!!! just about everything was in that bag, the whole trip. it was so convenient!

The rest of the days we went to the beach, snorkeled, shopped at the Aloha Stadium and visited Pearl Harbor.
I was soooo scared of snorkeling. I thought a shark was going to appear out of nowhere. And I thought that the little fish would bite me too! Didnt help that we got an episode in of "shark attacks" the night before. If shark attacks are so rare, why do I see them SO frequently on TV?
We got to go to dinner with my gorgeous cousin Ashleigh and her husband Iasi. They were so cute!! When dinner was over we went to get ice cream and I started freaking out! I couldnt find our camera!!!! Our precious memories!! I stressed for about an hour but we ended up finding it in our trunk...which was Josh's doing. And Ashleigh seriously wanted to give me her camera because I couldn't find mine. Now thats love.

Here I am in front of the Honolulu Zoo...climbing a tree....

I guess I had some energy to burn or something!

We got to eat Matsumotos...

We were at the beach all day...dont judge us :]

And here we are at PCC for the Night Show, and we are eating Pineapple Deelights!!! Heaven!

It was just was Josh and I needed. This was what Josh thought was most relaxing to watch:

Waimea Bay. This was one of the smaller waves. We have video of better stuff, but Its old school video so I can't upload it on here.
Josh is my best friend and I couldnt imagine this experience without him.
Oh, and my ultrasound is officially scheduled for April 13th. The countdown is on! I can finally shop in 2 weeks!!!!!!!!!


Katie Jo said...

Hawaii is the best... always, and anytime... no matter who you're with. Ah man.... makes me so jealous!!!!!

You better text me as soon as your ultrasound is over!!! :)

Mrs. Brecheisen said...

I'm so glad you made it out to here. The girl's loved seeing you.
Can't wait for the ultrasound!

Misty said...

I am totally jealous!

Ashleigh said...

Yayyy, okay so I haven't been blogging for like the longest time but this post is so cute. You guys are an adorable couple and we are so happy that we got to see you! I'm so glad you found your camera - pictures are priceless!
Love ya!