Sunday, March 28, 2010

hmm?! (pics added)

So, apparently, Josh made a pretty good impression on the Bishop, despite the swearing that was done in his office.
Josh got a call before church while we were still in bed (we kind of like to wake up last minute, its a bad habit) and they said to cut our Sunday school class short today because the Bishopric wanted to meet with us. My guess is that they were going to call us to young men/young womens. I made him guess, although he didn't want to, and his guess was elders quorum/relief society. I reeeeeeeeally hoped his guess was wrong.

And it was. They released us from teaching the 12-13 year olds, and called me as the Den Mother for the Bear Scouts....and Josh as the Ward Mission Leader!!! We were ward missionaries at our Ward in Midvale...and that was the biggest challenge for me. Knocking on doors in an apartment complex is not my favorite thing to do. I am making sure we never live in a complex again. Unless we move to California...I will pretty much live anywhere if we live there. As long as its a safe area.
Anyway, Josh is pretty happy about it. Knocking doors and starting up conversations with random people is his forte. Growing up his Mom says he had enough confidence for the whole family. Josh loves to talk. He loves to hear the sound of his own voice. He will admit it too. Anyway, he will have to spend a little more time away from Kaius and I for this calling, but I know that we will be blessed in other ways. I'm sure wives' of Bishops see countless blessings in their life. Man they spend a lot of time away from their families.

Today we went on a picnic!

We had steak sandwiches...because we had steak sandwiches when we went to Hawaii last year. Melinda made them for us (my sister in law) and I was pregnant at the time. I pretty much HAD to have steak sandwiches all the time the rest of the pregnancy, they were so good. But I haven't had one since then, so that's what I wanted! We went to a park, it was fun and relaxing.

I also have pictures of the girls night out we had last night.

These are my hott friends.

The Crazies

(Funny story about this picture...after this picture was taken they looked at the pic on my camera and Natalie-girl on left, said "wow I look albino next the the Aborigine in the picture" -talking about Cammie-on the right, because she is so tan. But Cammie thought she was talking about the black guy to the left hahaha......)

We went to Tucanos and then went to a Romeo + Juliet musical afterwards...and it was not just normal boring R + was a HIP HOP version. Which is right up our alley...since we all Zumba together many times a week.
I don't think I'll post the video of me standing on a chair at Tucano's dancing with a tambourine though... all talked me into it...


Kelly said...

You have to post it! It rawked! Yep not just the normal rocked it RAWKED!


Katie Jo said...

Den mother? HAHAHAHAHAHA That will be so fun! hahah

Josh is a talker... he's funny.

I want to see the video!!!


Ashleigh said...

Oh congrats to both of you. New callings are always a fun growing experience :)

Madalyn said...

come on... post the video!

Cammie said...

Carly, you better post that video! It's the cutest thing EVER!! Do it! ;) PLEEEEEASE!?

Jana said...

Now you have to show me that video.

Jana said...

Oh yeah, and move here... That'd be frickin' sweet.

Katie Jo said...

hahahahaha nice moves Carly! You crack me up!

Cammie said...

Yeah!! I love the video!! It's so cute! Hey, can you email the pics? Thanks!