Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I am a slacker with everything right now.

Christmas was awesome. We went to California to spend it with my Dad (& fam) and Josh's parents and all his siblings. We were crazy busy, I literally remember no down time. Always on the go, seeing someone. It was really fun and nice to see everyone, it was also exhausting.

Kaius is pretty much over Pixar movies. All he wants to watch is Spiderman or Superman (Piderman & Pooperman). He doesn't care if it is cartoon or not. Josh showed him some episodes of old school Superman at my Dad's on Netflix...he was hooked. Now every time I am carrying him to time out he holds out his arms straight up and puts his hands in fists and goes "POOPERMAAAAN!".

He also doesn't understand that Superman and Spiderman are beating up villains, not random citizens (like, oh, their mother, father, or baby sister) He uses us for punching bags frequently. (Aren't parents supposed to kind of filter what their kids see on TV? Apparently anything goes in our household)
Josh taught Kaius how to move the temperature up on the thermostat. Way to go.
Kaius is starting to form small sentences "Daddy, its Mommy!" when I get home from Zumba. or "What happened?" if we react to something. He gets especially cranky when his lil sis gets into his tool box, "No no no, Roe Roe."

Monroe...I wish I could freeze her in this stage forever and ever. She just has those cute little 2 bottom teeth. She isn't very mobile..well, she can crawl backwards only. It frustrates her. She is ALWAYS moving her feet in circles (like propellers) and lots of times her hands are doing the same, mostly when she is whining for food. She learned to wave. I can ALWAYS ALWAYS count on her to give me a huge smile and make me happy. I love her random hugs. She'll just curl into me and melt, for a few seconds.


Katie Jo said...

Poooooperman! I love it! hahaha So much fun! The baby stage is so much more fun the 2nd time around I think! But you will love when Monroe gets into Princesses. AND THEN we will have to go to Disneyland together. HAHAHA I miss you and your cute kiddos.

Chelsee said...

your kids are pretty dang cute. i love those smiles!

Jana said...

Ha ha ha!
Pooperman, and having josh teach kaius how to turn up the thermostat! Way to go... Lol. Yeah Lee just recently started letting the kids climb in bed with us at night (after I've had them trained that it wasn't allowed forever!). It's like Why?!?! Now I haven't had a full night of sleep in weeks, and I have to start sleep training all over again.