Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Hunger Games...

I just read The Hunger Games, took me about a day.

And I did not love it.

It made me super hungry. It was much too violent. I would never want to watch a movie that violent. Blood, pus, skulls smashing, necks snapping...that isn't entertainment to me. If the movie is PG-13 I'll go, but I have a hard time imagining they can deliver anything close to the book without being rated R.
[however I just looked it up, and it says it'll be rated pg-13]

It made me more grateful for what I had, though.

Say what you want about Stephenie Meyer's writing...but the "hook" she had at the end of each book left me driving all over town finding the next one. At the end of this one I was like, that's it? I don't think I'll read the next two. I think I even heard some were disappointed with MockingJay.

Anyway. That's that. Twilight is better. The Host is still my favorite book. Shows you how much I've read in the last few years.

What did you think of The Hunger Games?


Jana said...

What!? You are crazy! Hunger games trumps twilight any day. The second book (catching fire) is the best of the series. I do think she could have done better winding up the series more smoothly in mocking jay... But as far as gripping, it's probably my favorite series, and I ended up liking how it ended, just wished the ending was longer.
I like katniss way more as a heroin, because she is strong and kicks butt, not whiny and self conscious like Bella.

It is very violent though, and it does get worse, so that's the only reason I'd dissuade someone from reading it.

I'm just as excited to see the movie as I was for twilight, and I'm actually not embarrassed to take my husband to this one.

Katie Jo said...

Kicks Twilight to the curb.... sorry Carly!!!!! I couldn't wait to read the next 2 and they are WAY better than the first. I think it's pretty horrid, yes, but I would NEVER let my 13 yr old read them... I'd say they're for adults. I also think Twilight is a little too much for kids too but who am I to judge. hahah I loved the way she ended Mockingjay even though most hated it. It's not the way you'd think it would end... I like books like that. I don't like books where you KNOW what's going to happen.

And just FYI.... Harry Potter kicks the crap out of both Twilight and Hunger Games Series. HAHAHA :P

tricia said...

SO much better than twilight. And the movie trailer gets me giddy. It is very barbaric, I will give you that, but it just sucks you in. I couldn't wait for the next ones to come out. You need to read catching fire and mocking jay, even though I think she ended the last one way to quick. Then you can make your final decision:)

Lyonel and McKenzie said...

I agree with Jana, you have to keep reading. They are awesome books!

Melinda B. said...

Bella is worried about fitting in because her complexion is all wrong (poor message that you have to look right to have friends). Bella doesn't feel complete until someone loves her (poor message to girls that you aren't enough on your own) When Edward leaves Bella doesn't leave the house for 4 months, depressed, and unable to move forward (poor message about how to cope with real life and how to react when you are heart broken). Bella is willing to give up everything and everyone to be with her man (poor message about balance and developing yourself outside of your relationship) When Edward hurts her, she responds with, It's ok because I asked you too. It's ok, you don't know your own strength, It's ok, our love is so strong I didn't even feel it! (poor message to people in abusive relationships that it's ok if they hurt you as long as they love you). When she gets pregnant, it lasts 2 weeks, she is perfectly healed when she wakes up, finds out the baby sleeps through the night, and celebrates by having 8 hour sex.(poor message about the reality of pregancy, childbirth, parenthood, and marriage) On the other hand we have Katniss--- who would never abandon her family, takes care of business, hunts, makes tough decisions for the greater good, doesn't crumble under pressure, has a realistic view of love and what it takes to foster a relationship, she is a fighter and a survivor. Not someone who is waiting to be made whole, to be rescued, to be swept away into a perfect world. Yet she understands the need for people and love in her life. This is a fantastic book about humanity and how close we are at this very moment to being just like The Capitol. It is a reminder to stay tender. And to fight for what is right. And that happily ever after is created by hard roads and good friends, not a fantasy of knights on white horses or sparkling skin.

Bradley, DeAnna, Donovan, and Chamae said...

Yeah, what Melinda said:)