Sunday, January 22, 2012


My friend Sarah posted this article on Facebook:

Basically it says whether you have one or many children, being a mom is hard work. and Its HARD adjusting to being a mom.

I see and hear about those women in relief society that NEVER complain or say anything negative. You know what? They are all grown and their children are grown. They don't have babies waking them up all night anymore, and they have better perspective on life. Right now I feel like crap for complaining being a mom is hard, but you know what?? Its REALLY freakin hard, and life without sleep makes everything a chore. Even eating ice cream...that creates dirty dishes. I know my kids will grow and I will miss them as babies...but freakin A will I love sleeping through the night.


Katie Jo said...

HAHAH I love you. Yeah it's hard.... but I can't even imagine if my babies were as close together as yours. I lucked out with good sleepers.... Dirk sleeps an 8 hour chunk every night. The part that is hard for me is going places. Taking my 2 kids with me somewhere?!?! I want to pull my hair out. Really.... no thanks, I'd rather shave my head.

Mom said...

My motherly advice:
Get more paper bowls/plates/spoons/forks so you have more time to enjoy ice cream (life), less dishes.

You will never regret how much you played, laughed, danced, wrestled, etc. Dishes are overrated. :)

Ang and Shawn said...

I love this post. I don't know how you do it! I love my sleep and so I think I would fall apart!

Everyone is always wanting to be in a different phase of their life. And I think that that is what makes relief society so great... Don't you think??? Everyone is in different phases of their life and hearing everyone's comments really puts it all in perspective.

I would give anything to be a mom. And you would give anything for a full nights sleep. (:

Cristina said...

i love your honesty. it IS hard. i admire you and don't know how you're doing it with two kids so close in age. i want bella to have a sibling but i honestly don't know how i can go back to those sleepless nights and feeling like a zombie all day.

Jana said...

Have you read this?

I thought it summed things up nicely. Being a mom is hard, it's worth it, but that doesn't make getting woken up in the middle of the night any easier.

I'm with mom, I love paper plates, they save my life. ;)