Sunday, January 15, 2012

7 Tier Diaper Cake

I couldn't wait to make this cake...I've been planning it for, like, 6 months. But I didn't want to make it ALL out of diapers. It would have been really freakin' expensive. I came up with the idea all on my own...I didn't even look at pinterest!

Josh helped a ton on the construction. When I told him I was taking pictures he was like "NO, I don't want pictures of me doing something like this!" But by the end, he was getting after me for not taking a picture of EVERY step. Go figure.

And to be honest...he was more of a perfectionist on how it looked than I did. It turned out great!

I needed something to fill the inside, that was much cheaper than diapers....




I got a very interesting reaction from the cashier. Another shopper stopped to ask me how many kids I have.

The top tier was the only one made of diapers only.

[in the picture I told Josh to give a look that said "The things I do for you, Cammie" I can't tell if his eyes are open. It was like pulling alligators teeth to get him to turn some sports/NFL/Broncos show off and help me.]

I went to go buy some rope, but a few years ago I got really big into knitting and made like 3 projects I never finished. So, durr. Yarn!

Once the tiers got bigger, we tied sections together to make bigger it didn't come apart in the drive to the partay.

We wrapped our legs around it to keep the diapers in place.

I went to buy some ribbon to tie around the outside, but happened to pass some really cute Duck Tape (Duck is the BRAND...yes I know its "duct" tape) And it was a LOT cheaper than ribbon.

But I got ribbon for bows still. And I knew the toilet paper would be showing, so I got some tulle to cover it up.

The final product:

I couldn't wait to I had such a fun time at Cammie's shower. She was so cute and all her students loved having the bash when they have to have a Cammie-break for a while when she has her babe. Hope everyone else had a great time too!


Katie Jo said...

GENIUS... I am so doing that for the next baby shower I have. Diapers are so expensive hahaha. Ribbon isn't too expesive at Hobby Lobby... but that tape is so cute! You are like the thrifty but I'm still super cool queen! HAHA I think I spent about $100 just on your diaper cake lol. Ridic. At least I had money back then. hahahaha I love the tulle too... super cute Carly!

Mom said...

Very cute, Carls! You and Josh should market those! It will help peoples emergency storage of TP too. :)

Cammie and you both look cute!