Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Kaius was worried...

This morning Josh was leaving for work so he gave me and Monroe a kiss (and woke her up doing so, my favorite) But right after she got her kiss, Kaius woke up and walked out of his room. He came in bed with Roe and I and Josh gave him a kiss and interacted with them a few seconds. He said bye and walked out of the room. Kaius' lip quivered. He pointed at me and cried, "Mooommmmmmmmmmmyyyy!"
He walked in after I got my goodbye kiss, so he thought his Daddy intentionally forgot to give his Mommy a kiss. And he just lost it.

When I leave at night to go teach Zumba, Kaius directs my kisses. He's always first, then directs me to kiss Daddy, or Monroe ("Roe Roe"). So..I'm pretty sure he thought we were getting a divorce. I took Kaius out and let him know I already got a goodbye kiss, but I'll gladly do it again to show him everything is ok. It was cute. He stopped crying but man, he was upSET!

I just wanted to remember that. :)


Ang and Shawn said...

Um, that is so dang cute!!!

Mom said...

He's definitely got a soft side inside that tiny tough exterior. :) Cute.