Sunday, July 17, 2011


-I don't go to blogs to look at pictures. I will only read a blog if I like the writing style or I just love them. And can laugh at themselves. When people only post the rainbows and butterflies of life, I get bored. ( I do like pictures though, of course)

-Yesterday morning, Kaius climbed in bed with us and started cuddling with me. It was tender. He was still sleepy. He looked up with me and started rubbing my cheek, lovingly. Then he gave me a super cheesy smile! All of this was a rarity. Usually Daddy gets all the lovin'. Then he reached his arm up like he was stretching. His arm cocked back, and he punched me square in the nose. I was stunned. I woke up Josh and made him take Kaius to time out. I cried a little. I hate the terrible twos.

-The last week I actually tried to keep my house clean. I did laundry every day, did dishes every day, and constantly picked up everyone's crap. My house still looks like crap. So disappointing. Keeping a house clean is hard work. I feel so defeated because I feel like I gave it my all.

-You know how they make back massaging chairs? I think they should make back tickle chairs. It would have to be randomized somehow, cuz the same pattern would get annoying.

- I just recently became obsessed with lighting. I love crazy eclectic pendants and I love chandeliers. One day every room in my house will have something awesome.

-My "grown up" life is kind of how I pictured it would be, in every way. I would think that is rare for someone to feel that way, but maybe not. I always wanted to be married in the temple to someone awesome. I wanted to have a boy first, and a girl he could "protect" her from smelly boys. I didn't want to marry for money like some of my friends said they wanted to (some say they wanted to marry a doctor or lawyer, but we all say crazy things as kids). I never had dreams or even thoughts of what my wedding would look/be like. It was always "who". Who will it be? Although my wedding was really special, I don't think I would have been terribly mad with just a day with Josh and I. Wow, receptions should totally be like a week after the wedding. The last thing you want to do right after you're officially husband and wife is surround yourself with a bunch of friends (and strangers) and plaster smiles on your faces. You want to get naked.

-I don't like it when people complain publicly about not having money. Especially when they are stay at home moms. It kind of knocks their husband, if he is working really hard. You should always treat your a MAN. (this is not meant to hurt any feelings. Its just how I feel. Not directed passive aggressively at any one person.)

-I always wonder about the other worlds God has created. Do they have colors that we don't have here?

-I often really wish that our society didn't have a currency system. If you've read The Host by Stephenie Meyer, they don't have money to incentivize themselves to work. They all work together in their society and only take what they need. I wish we were like that. Most people aren't. Not to toot Josh's horn, well yes actually, to toot his horn...Josh likes to work. He would work if money didn't exist. He likes to help people. I, on the other hand, would LOVE to sit on the couch and do nothing. I appreciate silence so much these days.

- I am a home body. I probably leave the house maybe once during the 5 day work week. I love being home. I like going out on the weekends most of the time.

- I am not really a phone person. I text occasionally, and I will definitely talk on the phone about plans to do something or something important is going on. But I'm not the type to get to know someone over the phone. I'd rather talk face to face.

- I definitely do know there are mental disorders and that people can have chemicals in their brain to make them feel depressed or sad. I do believe that sometimes medication is needed in some cases. But I also think all humans go through ruts. I believe we have the power to change our minds by serving others, or planting a garden, or painting a picture, or..anything like that. Its different for every person of course. I think everyone feels good when they've helped someone out. I also feel I have already blogged about this.

- My Dad often tells the same stories over and over. I'm sure I'm turning into him hahaha.

- I wish I was crafty and didn't have to get all my ideas from the internet. I wish I could just think of a fabulous idea for a cute & funky pendant lamp that would cost me $5 for the light mechanism.

-I was appointed as the Chairperson (or whatever) for the Lehi High 2005 High school 10 year reunion in 2015. I'm excited but I have no idea what to do yet. Any ideas would be appreciated.


Lyonel and McKenzie said...

My dearest Carly-
Your plate if full right now, lets figure out the reunion in 2014... of course I might be in your position by then! I love your ramblings! They make me laugh and smile. I love you!

Naomi said...

Chairperson huh? That is quite hilarious....I think you have awhile to think about it. I am so glad I don't have a reunion to go to haha I totally feel the same way you do about keeping the house clean. I thought I did so good at keeping everything clean and picked up until I actually sat down and looked at it. At least I made my bed almost every day...that is an accomplishment in itself.

Natalie said...

My blog will continue to be happy and fru fru with lost of pics cuz that is how my family can see what is going on in my life up here. Sorry doll! Besides, you know how I feel about negativity! I have tried really hard in the past year to only post very positive stuff because I feel the world already has enough negative to go around. Hope you still love me, even if you do not look at the pics on my blog. :-)

Rachel said...

You are hilarious! I do everything I can to not leave the house. Mostly because I don't want people to know that I haven't showered in three days, and I don't feel like wearing jeans. Who ever invented jeans did not intend for women who have babies to wear them. Can you say "Muffin Top"!

Sarah said...

Man it has been a while since I've read you blog. I have so much to say! Let me say this. I'm glad you like my blog (right?), Funny that he punched you in the face, Maz does it too, sucks. Screw cleaning your house. FANTASTIC idea about the tickle chair. Wow. I'm with you on the same pattern thing too. LOOOVE lighting. Like I talk about it to my shrink about it. I'm glad you like your grown up life. Mine sucks. Good one one the money. I hope they have periwinckle wherever I go after I die, because I really like it. I am a total homebody too, and I hate the phone. I'll skip the mental disorder thing. Funnnnnny that you are the chairperson. Were you student council?

Sarah said...

And when I say Maz, I mean Max.

Ash said...

hahaha I love you! Well as I get more prego, You may end up loving our blog. I'm already having to restrain with my negativity :P

Jana said...

I love being at home too, but don't get too used to it, once your kids start school all of that ends.

Hilary Bates said...

First of all, you will be AMAZING as the chairperson of the next Class of 2005 reunion! I can't wait. And I am at your beck and call as regards that.
I agree with how irritating it is when people talk about how poor they are, and they stay at home. I am uncomfortable when people complain about that in front of people. ugh.
I completely agree with you about the mental illness thing.. Sam always says he thinks his mom wouldn't be such a wreck if she stopped thinking about her own "problems" and served some people or did something constructive. You are wise, Car Car.