Monday, July 11, 2011

I gotta get this out there.

I've been kinda MIA on my blog and Facebook. Its because of this:

I aaam addicted. to.



*exhales loudly*

I'm sure you've seen my posts on facebook. Free sample here, Free Swiffer 360 there, Free bottle of fabric softener, free jamberry nails, free teeth whitening pen... see? I can't stop.

I've been wanting to post this for a while. I feel obligated to share things with friends, because I spend a lot of hours each week looking for free stuff and bargains...I want to benefit more than myself. I always think "Oh, everyone should get this pack of 40 batteries for $ have in their food storage stuff for flashlights" or something like that. So I'm just gunna post what I've found to be helpful.

Read it or ignore it.

I'm just going to purge it and then it wont be bugging me.

I check and each day a few times each. I also follow them on facebook and sometimes they'll tell me about something urgent that I GOTTA have.

I take online surveys for $$, or test out products for either free, cheap, or THEY pay ME. For example, at They had an offer for mineral makeup, you pay $10 for the trial, but they put $15 in your account. -$10+$15=+$5 !

They paid ME to try their makeup. Then after you try it, you fill out a survey on how you liked the product/ordering process. They usually credit your account on Vindale very quickly.

LinkFor months I always thought "What the heck is Swagbucks, and why do so many of my friends post about it??
I'll sum it up.
Do you use GOOGLE, YAHOO, or BING search engines? Well, Swagbucks is the same thing, only you get points for using their website to search (its random, like every 8th search or so you get points). Then with your points, you can get giftcards. I find the most popular one to get is the $5 amazon giftcard. I've only been on there 4 months or so, and I've earned 2 Amazon giftcards. There are MANY other ways of earning 'Bucks (surveys, special offers like netflix, etc) But I choose not to, out of laziness.

Ok. There ya go. I'll only blog about awesome family stuff now :)


The Sanfords said...

thanks so much for sharing! just got that free teeth whitening pen :) i always hear about people getting free stuff but i never knew how they did it!

Natalie said...

You rock Miss Carly!!! Thanks for the tips!!

Jana said...

You do love online bargains... I think it's kinda like moms DI addiction when we were kids. :)

I used to do a bunch of those sites, but after a while it was more of a hassle for me because I found every time I bought a deal, i ended up paying hidden fees, and there was hardly ever any deals that I would actually buy anyway. So I have unsubscribed from them all now.

Mom said...

My name is sherrie and I'm a DI addict.

"Hi Sherrie!" :)

te hehe j/k.