Monday, January 10, 2011

Random List

I decided to do another one of these lists, since lots has changed since last time!

1. I'm pretty obsessed with cereal right now, mainly frosted shredded wheat. So far, Kroger brand is the best (better than Frosted Mini Wheats Brand)
2. I have a phobia or something of people touching my belly button. I don't even really like touching it. So, I clean fast.
3. Kaius is obsessed with his own belly button, plays with it when he is winding down. So naturally, he is obsessed with my belly button. Drives me crazeh!
4. Kaius has started to sneeze like Josh. Its like: "AAAH-CHOO. AAAAH" they just kind of yell afterward. Its cute.
5. Today my land lady said there would be someone by to look at the apartment to see if they want to move it. I spent literally ALL day bustin my butt and this place is immaculate. I even took off the magnets on the fridge. And they didn't show.
She should pay for a prenatal massage.
6. The last few weeks I got really into the message boards. I thought it might be fun, and that I could make a lot of mom friends. nnnope. Most the women there are the biggest brats with no lives and say the rudest things because they are anonymous. So I stopped a few days ago.
7. I'm torn on how to decorate the baby girl's room. red and black to go with the giant high heel chair I have? hot pinks, and marigolds to go with the amazing quilt my sister made me? Or watermelon, because I love hot pinks and watermelon.
8. I kind of cant imagine how life will be with 2 kids. It kind of doesn't feel real to me yet. I don't know why....She is moving ALL THE TIME in there. I swear she never sleeps. Oh I better not have a cat-napper on my hands.
9. For about a month now, I've been feeling really uncomfortable. Like 9 months pregnant uncomfortable. Did you know, when pregnant, the chemical "relaxin" is released into your system to help loosen the birth canal so the baby can fit? This "relaxin" also loosens ligaments and can make you a little less coordinated. I'm finding this as I go to Zumba. I can't work it like I used to! Also, there is a joint called "symphysis pubis" and you can actually injure it. And the lady at my birthing class said once its pulled, it's pulled forever. Meaning every time you are pregnant you will feel the pain of it. I think I may have pulled that last time. (Have I blogged about this before? I think I have.)
10. So in conclusion to #9, I am going to be pregnant forever, again.
11. I haven't gotten mad at all this time, when people say I'm unusually big. I usually say it before they can! But last time it irked me bad. I'm sure it had something to do with not feeling sexy at all, not working out, and watching the pounds roll in.
12. The other day Josh said "You look weird this time pregnant." (He pronounces pregnant "praig-nant". funny)
I asked why...scared for the answer.
"Because you are like skinny everywhere and then you just have this baby bump out of nowhere."
Oh, he scored major points.
13. I've only taken one belly pic so far this time. Just cuz I rarely look cute these days. And before I would have Josh snap a pic of me before we went somewhere. Now as we're going out the door I'm more concerned about having extra diapers and a full sippy of milk for Kaius.
14. No stranger has ever randomly touched my belly. I like it when friends/family do it. But I guess I give off a "touch-me-and-I'll-drop-kick-you" vibe.
15. I didn't get around to posting about Christmas this year, but go to my sis' blog here to read all about it. And to see the pic of us in our footie pajamas my mom got us. I didn't change out of them for like 2 weeks straight. Don't hate.
16. Dear Football,
17. Cammie got me Biolage shampoo/cond. for Christmas. My hair smells like....heaven.
18. I'm so happy to see success my friends are having with getting pregnant. I still pray for all of my friends that are trying to conceive, every night. So they better try to conceive, every night. (ha ha....kidding.)
20. I have no idea what to do in April...VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) or a repeat c-section. I know that everyone is different. But, I saw this girl on "a baby story" that had opted for a c-section with her 2nd baby, because with her 1st she had a 4th degree tear. yyyyyowza! She said she couldnt even take care of the baby for weeks. And I don't think I know any women who haven't torn. I don't want to go through the pain of recovering from a tear. And I have found women are split 50/50 on whether recovering from a tear or episiotomy is better. I think I'm leaning toward a c-section. I'm not as scared of that option. I'm terrified to have the same thing happen again. Push for 2 hours and then have a c-section. The recovery of c/s is way worse if you go through a buncha labor before. Or so I hear (I have nothing to compare it to). So subsequent c-sections recover better. Every time I go into the doctors office they talk to me about the 2 options for like 45 min each time. It must say on my chart that I'm undecided. Well, put on my chart that I'm undecided til APRIL. Sheesh.
21. Totally cravin sweets this time. But, I've been really good and haven't done ANY baking at all. I think I've made cookies like once in 6 months. Pat on the back!!

Alright. I think that's good. I'm gunna go toss and turn all night while my "round ligament pain" makes it impossible to get comfortable. I dread nighttime! So glad my pelvis hasn't started popping everytime I turn over yet.


Rachel said...

Do the C-Section. That way you can be prepared to go to the hospital. Why risk pushing and going through labor pain to just end up having a C-Section? Oh and you can make yourself look pretty for hospital pics!! Not that that is important, but I have a fear of going into labor on a day that I haven't showered in a few days. Which I never do. I shower everyday and I always wear makeup. Not!

Waiting in the Wilderness said...

when you mentioned the watermelon way before we even met, i totally loved it. Loved as in wished I came up with the idea first! I think you should go with it for sure. But the blanket your sister made really is pretty and unique and would be a cute color scheme too...

Jana said...

I think you should have a c-section again. You can schedule it... Which takes off a lot of the nervous "when is it going to happen" stuff towards the end.
Plus I think it's less risky. I hear vbacs can be scary if your scar tissue tears.
And I have had 2 episiotamies... Which are no picnic. At least with c section stitches you aren't deathly afraid of going number 2. (or well... I guess I don't know, are you?) :)

Mom said...

Long list of awesomeness! Love the color scheme and the quilt Jana made. Love watermelon and pinks. Weird that you like someone touching your belly, but not your belly button. ;) ha ha. Josh and his comment are awesome!

Kaius is an awesome sneezer.
Anyone who makes an appointment to see a house for rent/sale should always keep it or call!

Glad you like your pj's.

That's all. I love you.
Mom :)