Monday, November 3, 2008

80 things about me

Things you may not know about me...
1. I have never changed a poopy diaper in my life. I always use the excuse that it's not my kid, I don't haveta do it.
2. I hate going to the bathroom. I've got it down to 2 times a day.
3. I love to cook, its my playtime for the day.
4. My mom never regulated when we ate, she would just buy pretty healthy basic foods and we ate when we were hungry. Its weird to see how different families regulate what their kids eat.
5. I love animals, but hate pets. Vet bills, smell, feed, clean up after them, potty a kid!
6. I love to work, and always have. I also wouldn't mind being a stay-at-home mom someday.
7. I think its funny when working moms chastise stay at home moms for not contributing to their family, or vice versa...Different things work for different families. You gotta do what cha gotta do.
8. I absolutely hate when people talk about politics, in person or on TV. I think most people's sources of information are hardly reliable.
9. Josh and I got into an argument about politics just now because he read #8. He thinks it should be important to me but it's not really. I dont feel there is anything I can do to change this country...I just hate how when someone breathes the word "politics" everyone gets their emotions raging. How am I supposed to form my own opinions that way? I just tune everyone out. (BTW I did vote today...)
10. My husband opens my car door for me every time.
11. After watching "I survived a Japanese Game Show" I want to visit Japan so bad!
12. I used to steal an article of clothing from my sister's closet every day before she moved out.
13. It is very hard for me to keep my house clean. I try to have someone over for dinner once a week for incentive to keep it clean...but if someone cancels, its over! haha
14. I want to name my children something they will never meet someone else with the same one. I hate meeting other Carly's. I especially hate that iCarly is a TV show now.
15. I don't understand why little girls like Hannah Montana. I think she is a weirdo.
16. My celebrity crush growing up was the kid from Terminator 2, Eddie Furlong.
17. I used to like celebrity crushes my sister had, just because I wanted to be like her. I never thought Orlando Bloom or Leo Dicaprio was really that cute...
18. I have been sick every Christmas of my entire life. Ask my sister.
19. Two christmas seasons ago, my friend and I pulled up to UVSC to go to the New Years dance. Before I got out of the car I had to fart. It wasn't a fart.
20. My friend got a ticket while driving me home to shower/change. I tried to tell the cop why but he didnt believe me. He hit on her instead.
21. I dont like cake, pie, cobbler, pudding, brownies...Its too sugary for me
22. If I could go back to high school, I would have done it all like my senior year; don't hope im popular just do whats important and be happy.
23. In high school my friends and I used to sneak into the Lehi Pool in the middle of the night and swim or walk down the slide. Never got caught.
24. I wish that everyone wasn't dependent on their cell phones, ipods, TV, Computers. I wish they were available only for informational purpouses, emergencies, or limited amounts of time.
25. I went to lake powell when I was 12. My mom did my hair in little braids. My head got sunburned and peeled + the sand, I have never felt like i've picked it all out. to this day.
26. Also when I was 12 I would beg my mom and cry to make a girls tackle football team. I was a little tom boy.
27. When I worked at Cabelas I met Karl Malone & Greg Ostertag. I tried to get them to sign up for a credit card. Not the friendliest.
28. I rarely call my husband by his first name. Its a secret nickname I dont call him in front of anyone.
29. My biggest fear is losing a loved one.
30. I love the dentist, hate the doctor.
31. I bawl and run away from nurses with needles to this day.
32. In high school I won two region champion medals for Tennis.
33. I had a friend in high school who asked me how many calories were in water.
34. The prophet Gordon B. Hinkley came to my Grandpa's funeral and spoke about him.
35. I have a co-worker with the last name Hinkley, who is a distant relative.
36. One time when I was little when my uncle was pulling me and my cousins around on the snow on sleds with his truck, we got home and I realized the sled had worn through and I was sledding on my jeans for most of the time.
37. My grandma and grandpa are going on a mission a week from today.
38. I truly like my in-laws and hope I keep getting to know them.
39. I dont think Lake Powell is beautiful. I think the beach, and places that look like the garden of eden are beautiful. But not just those types.
40. I hate Las Vegas. Its dirty and scary and expensive.
41. My favorite place to vacation is California. I want to live there again.
42. I have no problem buying cute high heel dress up shoes, but when it comes to boots for some reason I have a hard time coughin up the dough.
43. I am horrible at keeping it touch with friends. I don't know why. Laziness.
44. My bishop before I was married was President Thomas S. Monson's Nephew.
45. When I was in 5th grade my teacher playfully tapped me on the rear end. I heard he got fired a few years later.
46. I make home made Ice cream almost every sunday.
47. My parents got divorced when I was 14.
48. I got my first kiss at 14.
49. When I was a cheerleader, I really thought I was cooler than everyone else.
50. I dont really like to hear people swear, but sometimes its really funny.
51. I quote movies constantly. I really wish I could be funny on my own though.
52. It was very hard to find a halloween costume for Josh and I. He is picky about it. He has to be a really cool masculine character.
53. I on the other hand would go as almost anything. I'd throw a black wig with dreads and a silver gum wrapper on my teeth and go as little john :) (he's a rapper)
54. I don't like blog-stalking. I only like reading about people I know.
55. I dont mind other people blog-stalking.
56. I have never been east of Colorado.
57. I have been to Hawaii 3 times.
58. When I was a baby one time in Hawaii, I was sitting on my Dad's lap in sacrament meeting and threw up on him during the closing prayer. I remember two local kids laughing their heads off at me.
59. I cut 18 inches off of my hair when I graduated. Its almost back.
60. I returned two of the six pairs of shoes I bought a few weeks ago. That sizes in that brand ran small.
61. My favorite job was at Nordstrom in shoes.
62. I didn't like shoes before I started working there.
63. I lost 20 pounds in the four months I worked there.
64. I've gained it all back.
65. I am generally ok with the way my body looks.
66. I always thought I would get married after age 24.
67. Every time my husband watches sports he always has a BURST of shouts when something awesome happens. Scares the crap out of me every time.
68. I love staying up late.
69. When I was little I always thought I would be Miss America someday.
70. I also always thought I would end up in the Olympics for gymnastics, even though I never took gymnastics...
71. I am stoked out of my mind to see Twilight.
72. My husband is the best shopping buddy I've ever had.
73. My favorite dessert is plain rice crispy treats.
74. My favorite food is shrimp.
75. I've always wondered...If everyone hates the first 8 chapters of the host...who was the person that wanted to keep going and then once it got good spread the word? I would have never finished if i wasnt told by 10 people it gets better.
76. I love to be right
77. I feel I do a good job of doing impressions of people.
78. My purse got stolen 2 weeks before I got married, it was found a month later. Only cash and pills missing.
79. I have never considered myself a flakey person.
80. I cannot believe our president of the United states' name is Barack Hussein Obama. What the @#&$ was America thinking. They'll be sorry someday.


Michelle said...

you crack me up.

i totally agree with you on #8 + #80. i don't get into politics and when people talk about them i zone out. i have no idea what the heck they are talking about sometimes. stupid ... maybe. ignorant? definitely. ignorance is bliss.

as for obama ... i was watching his speech last night while i was running at the gym and had to get off the tread mill cause i didn't want to listen to him anymore.

and i completely agree with the baby name thing too!!! that's why i was so stoked when shannon and jeff agreed with the name i chose for korver. ... and then 2 weeks before he was born i found out one of my friends has a nephew named korver. blah.

linds said...

You're hilarious Carls. # 19 is AWESOME!

Katie Jo said...

I miss you Carly! I laughed out loud your pooping story.. hahah... we share those things in common! YA HA.... you rock!

Carly said...

haha yeah I wasnt sure if i should post that but i dont not embarassed.
my number 80 totally contradicts my 8 and 9...but I was writing all that down and i was watching TV as they announced who won...and i was mad. I actually posted with a swear word but went in and edited, thats why it says #$%@ now.
I hope I didnt offend anyone.

Jana said...

Carmen's was the first diaper I ever changed too.
I also hate going to the bathroom, although while pregnant it goes up to about 4 times a day, which seriously bugs me.
BIG SHOCKER that you used to steal stuff from me every day. I would wash an outfit to wear and find you in it before I could put it on... but then I moved out and my roommates stole my stuff for real, and I never got it back.
Where ever you are I want my gray sweater and my Adidas super stars back! (unless you have them Carly:)

And come on give me some credit... I liked Leo when I was like 15 years old, and I don't care for him now but that Legolas was hot.

Misty said...

Wow! Was that a hard list? You are hilarious.

Ashleigh said...

I take my hat off to you for filling out the eighty things. And I wholeheartedly concur with #80. How could America vote for a man who doesn't put his hand over his heart during the national anthem. Iasi may be seriously reconsidering his career choice in the next few years. Don't feel safe having my husband in the army with him as pres. Boo.