Saturday, January 8, 2011

Something That Makes Me Sad

It doesn't really make me sad that Kaius calls me Daddy. Josh is the best daddy ever. Kaius just runs to him when he gets home...they rough house...its fun. I'm thankful for it.

What does make me sad?

Kaius hits me.

Every day. Multiple times a day.

Not only when he is mad, but when he is playing around. But when he's mad...he hits me square in the glasses.

It hurts SO BAD. I always tear up.

I've tried ignoring him. I've tried calmly telling him "we don't hit, we hug!". I've tried getting in his face a FIRMLY telling him to STOP. HITTING. ME. I don't hit YOU, so YOU don't hit ME.
I've tried immediately putting him in his crib, but I stopped because I don't want him to think I'm punishing him every time he goes in the crib. Like jail, right?
I've made a little time out area that he can't get out of, but lots of the time he does it when we are NOT in the house. Like when Josh is coaching volleyball, and he tries to run onto the court. (that happened last night. OUCH!! my face!!)
I've tried YELLING at him. But I could tell that hurt his feelings. He bawled and I tried soothing him and we cuddled but I don't like how we felt doing that.

He hits and bites other kids. He hits for no reason, but bites if he wants their toy. What the hale do I do in this situation??? I tell him we don't hit, and take him away from the child.

I've tried everything. But if you have any suggestions, I would LOVE to hear them. He has been doing this since he was a year or so. About 4 months.


Naomi said...

It really is the age. It will soon pass. With Teg I would grab his arms and hold them down and tell him firmly that we do not hit. I would then show him that he can be soft by taking his hand and softly rub my arm then his arm. It takes awhile till they understand. Just keep doing what you are doing and he will get it.

hollymerrill said...

I's a age thing. Also, lots of boys are rough and aggresive. I think consistency with one punishment would work best . Be very assertive with him and put him in time out.And when Josh sees it for him to discipline too. So Kaius knows it's not just you being a "meany". Then give him A LOT positive reinforcement when he gives "loves" or does something nice/good. He will grow out of it but it's definitely tough. Kaius is so cute..he's a little tough guys ;)

Mom said...

Here's a website that explained why babies/toddlers hit. It made sense to me why they do it.

Love you.

P.s. for the longest time, I couldn't log on here to reply, but I'm baaack! :) and been reading all along...