Sunday, January 23, 2011

Memory Preservation

I have to remember this.

Today at church, during the opening song, Josh stops singing and exclaims, "Oh! I'm so excited! I just remembered the playoffs are today!!"
Well, saying that to someone who hates watching football on TV constantly (I'm burnt out, f'reals), it made me the opposite of excited. Kaius was in the row behind us sitting with a nice family in our ward. Kaius usually lasts about 2 minutes in Sacrament meeting before he starts melting down, so we were well aware of him.

Time for the good part of the story.

At the end of the opening prayer, after the prayer giver says "amen." I say "amen" and Josh says "cool" and immediately reaches back for Kaius.
Wait... "Did you just say 'cool' instead of 'amen'?"

Oh we had a good laugh.


Katie Jo said...

hahahahahahahah that is fantastic. Today in our sacrament meeting the prayer was looooooong and Brenika said AMEN really loud like 8 times before it was over... she really wanted it to be over!

Carly said...

haha i think ours was long too, so his mind wandered i believe.

The Sanfords said...