Saturday, July 3, 2010

wits end.

Its been good to see family here in California, but this roadtrip has been hell.
We drove to Reno to spend the night there. 5 minutes away and I can see the city and that McDonalds catches up to me. I'll spare you the details, but I kept saying "this is worse than labor contractions!!" over and over. I ordered Josh to run in to the Motel 6 to see if they have a bathroom I can use NOW. Not ASAP, NOW. And if they dont, take me somewhere else. We had already stopped at 2 gas stations, and Kaius would scream til Josh took him out of the carseat...and absolutely melted down when we'd have to strap him back in. I wanted to end the meltdowns.

The guy in front of Josh in line at Motel 6 could tell Josh was in a major hurry because he was pacing and what he let him ahead. He gave the office lady his ID and said "My wife needs to get into a room asap, its an emergency, she is sick." so she looks at her computer a sec (I'm now inside with Kaius...I can't wait any longer. About to leave a mess on their floor.)
and she says "You're not registered here" And Josh is like "Yeah, i know, REGISTER ME. I WANT A ROOM"
Im witnessing this with tears welling up because of the pain, and I'm not sure how much longer I can hold off.
The crabby lady shoves his I.D. back at him and says, "Im taking care of this guy first! He was ahead of you!"
and right as soon as we say "he let us ahead" the stupid guy says "Oh I didnt know that was why you wanted ahead of me, I thought you already had a room"
The crabby office lady keeps chiming in "Go somewhere else!"
Josh is like "MY WIFE IS SICK!! You dont have any compassion on a sick woman??"
"WELL...MY WIFE IS SICK TOO" He replies. I don't think he was lying...he had angry tears welling up so I bet she has cancer or something, but not i-need-a-bathroom-now-or-i-will-shoot-you kind of sick. We saw her chillin in their truck. She was very comfortable.

Josh is like "really? she is sick and cant wait 2 more minutes to get a room?"

and the office lady says "Im calling the police!!!"

wha?? you're calling the police...on us? a cute little mormon couple from Utah? the husband is wearing a BYU shirt and the wife has a baby on her hip crying and you're gunna what?

Josh just told them they were crazy and we walked out.

Next motel we rushed to luckily had no one in line, and she took a whole 2 minutes to register us. I tell you what, if we would have made it into that motel room a HOT MINUTE LATER than we did, I would not have made it.

OK. DAY 2 of Vacation from HELL.

On our way to my dads and the car breaks down in Sacramento. it takes 3 hours to get the car towed and get a rental car. is that a normal timeframe? I dunno, I've never done this sort of thing before.

They called and said it was fixed so Josh went to pick it up this morning, and drop off the rental car. He got a few miles away on the freeway and the car did the same thing, it would stop accelerating, and then wont start. broke down. So he got towed and he is sitting at the dealership.
He was supposed to be back by now and we were going to go see Eclipse.

Kaius wouldnt go down for a nap, just fussing for hours all day and just FINALLY went down for a nap.

I am now rocking in the fetal position in the corner with a bag of oreos i found in my step mom's cabinet and my eye is twitching. Yep, I'm at my wits end.


Ryan and Jannali said...

oh geez Carly I can't believe this! thank heavens it's the weekend now, so sorry to hear your days of Hell :( I hope next week is just absolutely perfect for you to make it up.

Jana said...

I hate when crap like that happens.

I remember on one road trip we took where we got a flat, and Carmen would not stop barfing all over Lee's Boss' escalade that we were driving to Utah for him. Yeah that was just fantastic.

You should keep immodium with you, I get stomach aches like that too if I eat food that is too much fat or something... Sucks!

Sarah said...

oh my hell Carly! I'm so sorry! I hope it gets better. I'm sure you can't wait to get home to your own bed and own toilet. Hang in there

Chelsee said...

If it makes you feel any better, I think you are contagious through your blog. I was fine this afternoon,then I read your blog, and 2 hours later I was SICK. Boo. We can be miserable together/apart. I hope you feel better!

Madalyn said...

SAD! I'm sorry Carly! When it rains it pours!!!

Amber said...

oh that is the pits... I hope the way home goes much smoother!

Lyonel and McKenzie said...

Oh gee Carly, that sucks! I can just picture it all, Josh and the hotel lady! I especially love Jana's comment about the barfing! She is great!