Tuesday, June 22, 2010


A few funny stories.
I went to visit my sister a few weeks ago and went to her ward. An older woman sat next to me in Sunday school and started giving Kaius some attention. "Oh your so cute and chubby", she says. And then asks me how old he is, I say 9 months, and she says wow he's a big boy for only a 9 month old! So cute.
about 10-20 seconds pass and she asks me, "He is so cute. How old is he?"
I nod my head and say "9 months" in a manner like, you just asked me that...duh.
But her reply was "oh my goodness, (turns to talk to Kaius) you are so big for a 9 month old! your so cute."
Dimentia? Alzheimers? I dunno but I had a good laugh--inside my head of course.

We went to the store, and every time we check out josh shows them our baby and says
"Where's the barcode for this baby, cuz we'd like to buy him too" and a random fellow consumer just came over and was baby talking to Kaius and started nibbling on his feet! like nom nom nom nom nom. Josh grabbed the cart and slowly pulled it away from her and we awkwardly laughed like heh...heh...get your mouth off my baby... but she followed the cart as it moved and kept on munchin. Then she told us her life story.

Kaius finally cut his first tooth, it seemed it popped up overnight.
About an hour ago Kaius was crawling on the hardwood and he faceplanted it. He started crying and when he cries I know something is wrong. I have such a good baby.
Anyway, Grandma Theresa picked him up and said uh oh...his gums are bleeding.
I picked him up and....couldnt see his tooth. I felt around and now its barely poking through. It got jammed clear down. I am so worried and I don't know how I could handle any worse. I know I'll have to. I just feel like a bad mom.


Madalyn said...

BAD MOM!!??? You're crazy if you think that! I've only seen you with him once but you were beautiful with him! If a baby boy falling and making his mouth bleed is a bad mom thing then call me bad! LOL Drake is always getting hurt, he gets random owies and I have NO idea where they even come from. P.s. those are some funny stories, I swear I alwasy get stuck next to the crazy lady in line at the store LOL

Jana said...

Yeah, it's definitely not your fault... Kids get hurt all the time. They've just begun to learn motor skills, so there's bound to be some bumps and bruises along the way.

I'm sure the tooth will be fine, baby teeth retract all the time, although that is so sad for poor baby kaius.

It really is the most sickening feeling when you know your child is really hurt.

Sarah said...

hahaha funny stories - crazy muchy lady! Don't think you are a bad mom!!!

Sarah said...

i meant 'munchy'....