Thursday, July 8, 2010

Rough Coupl'a Days

I usually really can't find too much to complain about in my life. I'm super lucky to have such good health in my family, food, cars, a place to live, maybe at the end of the post I will try to post some things I'm grateful for.

Few days ago after a dentist visit, and the numbness wore off and my mouth started to hurt, I took a few ibuprofen. Next day, I took 2 more because Kaius knocked over our tall lamp  Malene G-1097 GLS Glass Torchiere Floor Lamp

and my nose happened to break its fall. It cracked me out of nowhere, it seemed. I was stunned. As soon as I realized what happened, I couldn't help it...I took it personally. The little guy didn't mean to hurt me, but I started crying and my nose started flowing.

See  full size image

No major damage though, just a bump and a bruise on the ole schnoz. (Kaius doesn't really react at all when I cry, it seems he kind of ignores it)
Well, I guess breastfeeding mothers aren't supposed to take ibuprofen because it zaps their milk supply. That would explain the biting and the nap strikes. This biting business has got to stop. He has teeth now.
I confessed to Josh that sometimes I don't really feel like Kaius likes me. I feel like the only thing I'm good for is getting food, but he would rather do everything with daddy.
Its just been a rough few days. Im sure in a few days I'll be swooning over how cute he is again.

Man oh man is he cute.
The way when he once in a blue moon finds my phone and I give him a surprised "hey!" and he jumps about a mile in the air and drops the phone cuz he knows that's a no-no.
The way he mauls my face sometimes with slobber, I like to think of it as kisses.
I love how expressive he is, and I get told probably once a day that my baby is very expressive, or gives very funny facial expressions. I guess I thought all babies were like that.
I love when he sees a new person or toy or when we go outside, he waves. And I always respond with "Hi (so & so)" or "hi new toy!" or "Hello outdoors!" and join him in waving.
I love when he comes around the corner of the hallway and "scares" me, then goes back around the corner so I can't see him, and then he'll crawl out again (playing peek-a-boo)
I love when he pulls the blanket over his head and after I say "Where's Kaius?" he'll pull the blanket off and giggle.
I love that he will eat any any anything I put in his mouth. tomatoes, onions, pickles, meat, toast, grapes, pineapple you name it.
Oh, well, there was this one time at my sisters I was eating a burrito and I gave him what I thought was a bite with avocado...I could tell from the sudden crying, that it was a jalapeno. Those suck. He was fine as soon as it was out.

I feel better.

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Sarah said...

I'm glad you feel better. You aren't a cow, Carly. Kaius love you.