Thursday, July 22, 2010


I wish I didn't worry about life so much. I usually really don't. I'm frugal. I don't worry about extra stuff in life, such as getting my nails done, or going out to dinner. I can cook just as good as they can, for much cheaper. I like to think of myself as thats not the right word...Frugal is really just it. I think its one of my most valuable qualities.
Lately I've been letting myself stress a little bit. Car trouble, losing a $10 at the grocery store, more car trouble, and more car trouble.

I havent looked at these pictures in a while

And this one, gave me butterflies.

And this one...reminded me of how well I am taken care of. Josh takes such good care of me and Kaius. Heavenly Father has taken care of us as well. Our needs are met and....that's all we need.

It also reminds me of all the times Josh would wait on me hand and foot when I was pregnant. Cafe Rio? coming right up. Back rub? right after I finish this song on guitar hero ;)

And those long hours before we both heard Kaius cry for the first time. He was so loving, caring, & attentive. We made a great team.

It was good for me to see these pictures. Refreshing.

Make sure the person you love knows how you feel. Today.


Chotz said...

Thats cute. Thanks for the refreshing reminder. :)
I love your pics!

Katie Jo said...

You guys are both perfect for each other and he's just as lucky to have you as his wife...which I'm positive he knows and tells you already anyway. :) Plus... you guys make super cute fantastic babies! hehe

Ang and Shawn said...

this post is so cute. Its nice to know that other people have car/$ issues that rude?

anyways, you guys seem like such a cute couple.

Madalyn said...