Friday, July 30, 2010

My Husband Thinks I'm Crazy

Getting ready to put Kaius down for the night tonight, ya know, getting myself situated to feed him. Josh says "Shouldn't you be done with that?"
"Done with what..breastfeeding?!" I am shocked, Josh is usually very supportive with all things baby. He helped take care of young siblings growing up.
He nods. "You are gunna still breastfeed him with all those TEETH?"
We just noticed Kai's top 2 teeth are coming in, so paired with the 2 bottom teeth, if he ever bites me he can actually draw blood. yay! But they usually learn how NOT to hurt you.
"Yes...I'll probably b/f him....until our next baby"
He gives me this "you're nuts" look and raises his eyebrows.
So I ask "What, you don't think thats a good ide-" "No." He interrupts me with.

Oh man I laughed pretty hard. Guess you had to be there.


Naomi said...

My goal was to bf Teg until he was 1 years old. We only made it to 8 months since he bit me so hard that I bled and could bf no longer.

Jennie said...

Just be careful and see how it goes! If you're not planning on having the next baby for another 2 years then I'd say you're crazy to do it that long :) I'll cross my fingers you dont get any bites!

Jana said...

Moseley is 17 months and I don't have a definitive "stop date" yet. It works great for us, so why not? It's still super healthy for the baby.

Moseley has never drawn blood on me and he has tons of teeth. You can tell when they are messing around because they have to break suction to bite, and the first few times Moseley tried that he got put right in bed with no nursing, and he didn't like that one bit. So now he'd never do it, or he knows he'll lose these ta ta's.

joven said...

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Katie Jo said...

I think beyond 12 months is crazy. I can't imagine breastfeeding Brenika still. I think it's weird. Just my opinion. HAHA

Madalyn said...

I was never able to produce enough milk to bf. I had to pump and feed Drake what I could and then top him off with formula but by week 3 I had lost all my milk. So having explained all that,I'm not sure what I'll do for my next go around. I always thought that I'd bf until about 9 month or until they start walking I guess.

Jeana said...

ha ha thats such a guy thing! you do whatever works for you though :) although if i didn't quit nursing i would never get pregnant since i don't start the monthly again until around 2 months after i quit. and since i know someone is goin to say that you can still get pregnant while nursing which is true for those people who have the monthly while nursing or who don't know how they will be since you ovulate before you actually bleed you have know idea when that may happen. but for me after 3 babies i know my body. i've never made it past 10 months, my babies all start to get too interested in everything else going on and will only relax and fully nurse at night and that can only work for the supply for so long ;)

Chantalle Bishop said...

I couldn't last that long. Zach was 6 months and I was pretty done plus dried up, then Elizabeth was 7 and a half months. I always planned on going as long as they wanted, which in my head wouldn't be longer than 10 months. They get distracted and it is easier on all of us if we are done. If it got to the point that I had to discipline my child when it comes to feeding them, I would stop immediately. I think whatever works for everyone is great. My sister in law fed one of hers till he was 19 months and then when she got pregnant the baby didnt like the new taste of milk so they were done. I just couldn't do it! :)